WNN Papers: Relationship Secrets

What's the secret to having a long-lasting relationship?
2:57 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for WNN Papers: Relationship Secrets
World news now delivers your morning me. Series isn't working -- I mean I don't feel -- not been. I'm tired of doing that for you I think we should and really I'm -- I'm an advocate on behalf of -- therapists -- Okay com actually plays into our first story we really do like justice -- -- and isn't good and it's a survey out of India. And they think that arguing once a week could be the secret to a long and healthy relationship. -- survey. And that is mild spats not abusive -- but there are some -- keys to fighting that's your significant and engage their rules of engagement okay. Take ten did you take ten if -- angry NGOs say something stupid that you gonna take back such as like mentioning the don't get stuck on one issue we don't get personal that's and they haven't hit and we haven't -- you go for the jugular that's when vengeance but benefit forty -- 44% of couples believe that fighting does how to keep the lines of communication open mind totally believe that twelve years marriage can't keep that individuality at a fight that. It's always fun afterwards. After a fight. Life thinking kiss and make up. That's your pa. 76 -- if you admit western news that didn't think -- -- that I didn't get -- points in these occupied protesters they they -- creative if nothing else because as store in the LA times. But this woman in Seattle who is married. A warehouse was -- wasn't daughter a warehouse there -- is in the wedding -- next and is building. This is her way kind of -- testing gentrification of neighborhood that was supposed to. Turn this warehouse now. They wanted to make -- a community center was being torn out and make way for another apartment complex was. Protesters -- this area that much more unaffordable on this -- -- corporations can have the same rights as people so. Ten buildings she says so -- that's a local station Seattle reported bulldozers already on the ways to -- that have been affected but it was the creator Stan. And -- more than a hundred years old school. Content summoning the different. -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay I'm all of you women out there I know that I don't look great in the morning but there's a lot of women that are shall -- -- on natural or else face when they wake up no make. This city yes they are -- -- aren't -- is a story out of the Daily Mail. They decided to show the world what they look like on natural relics park. This project X says Jane show -- your morning faces the women feel liberated India says that's the bare faced honesty. And I'm just not really sure anybody who wants. Happening and I went helping wanted to be more comfortable with would have a wake up and you know how they would naturally you know -- -- -- Slobodan thanks -- -- Let's look at wake up the rest in the hands of the -- have a lot of mothers and you know development and but you know let me make a pretty good lightning. Helps on air brushing on him personally and brushing teeth.

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{"id":15486432,"title":"WNN Papers: Relationship Secrets","duration":"2:57","description":"What's the secret to having a long-lasting relationship?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-relationship-secrets-15486432","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}