WNN Quotes

The notable quotables from this past week.
2:35 | 10/14/11

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Yeah I know what about everybody time now car Friday really lie and that we take a look at the week's strong that -- -- and whatever way -- one of those went well. Politicians are once again raising their voices at each other what -- -- Time really but it was all down on Wall Street the voice of possibly the loud is the last several weeks to look back now at this week. -- -- I've got. This. -- were upset about the -- business. -- public good people -- know that people out there with a voice and it's not just -- the -- it's your party and we need the money out of Washington. The common thread that everybody agreed going to have the common thread that kind of affect every -- -- would talk about any. That about it defending it has affected by the way Vietnam news and we need. In my estimation -- is and isn't home and it would give credence to a cult that happen. -- this report. Identify. All of those areas in which we can. Administrative. Without additional good. It was good about 9% corporate business black. 9% present income flat tax and -- 9% national sales back when you take the 999 plan and you turn it upside down. I think the devil's in the details. I think it's a catchy phrase -- I thought it was -- price of the pizza what. -- first half this conspiracies concede. It's sponsored. And was directed from Iraq if the plot had not been for -- we would be looking at a military confrontation. She's like I was it's so nerve wracking being here that she said. I'm not really I don't really understand the -- came here and we said Neil didn't win this -- scared none of us get it. The country doesn't get a -- giants are about yesterday she said is all popularity contest where -- -- that is on this show me. And is -- all you know. From my all over again that he's going to be some -- -- going on as well following the MLK memorial in DC is dedicated President Obama will be there. -- Steve -- memorial at apple involves sports fans. World Series kicks off until that -- more on the Wall Street credit that is. On that aren't I never dolls and Everett to me listen I don't want -- -- -- -- at the funeral and was.

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