Super Bowl Apps That Win Big

How to use your smartphone to make the most of the game.
4:36 | 02/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Bowl Apps That Win Big
Well it's one of my favorite Sundays at the year's Super Bowl 46 is shaping up to be a breakthrough for the Smartphone. Everyone from the teens to the advertisers to the broadcasters have come up with ways it. You can get more out of the game with your mobile device and here with the -- actually wanna try is ABC news -- contributor Andrea Smith. Wearing your giants Jersey and we don't all have a New York bias out here that you scouts who -- on our best I -- And Sony have -- So there's some really great apps because you know people they -- and they they use their phones that use their devices while they're watching the game. So if you want to get ready for that game you can also use these apps to check things out and see what's going on. The first is -- NFL mobile because this is the only place you're going to be able to see a live stream of the game on your mobile device. He need to be a Verizon customer. -- NFL mobile and what you do here is you can just scroll up during you can see right now any of the video that they have you're going to be able to -- Current stats going 900 -- C news and analysis everything that's happening live in the game is here -- and I found marble. And I also I mention this is the first time. Anyone's going to be opposed to -- live stream of the game online and it's great. Ever so you can be pretty much anywhere anywhere watching it online that and it -- staggering stat to DC 60% of people watching the game will have. We'll have tap letter. Laptop in their lap and they'll be nice social networking between FaceBook and -- -- of food on my lap and so on and so what I outfits this is the giants' official act this is the place that you want to be. This give you right now everything going on with the giants the latest news you can watch videos you can see the guys all arriving -- Indiana getting ready you can see stats again this is -- updated -- What I like here -- you can see -- -- aggregate all of the tweets going on anything that says giants in all the Twitter -- are gonna come up here. You can see his schedule in or if you just argue stats with people this is the place to go to -- analysts you're talking now and it's exactly amount there now you know I'm not saying favorites there is a Patriot Act as well although it's -- -- this -- all the big movie of fish so patriots act. Same thing you can get news you can get. Videos what I look he is they have a picture gallery -- they show pictures of their true leaders here now I feel I never saw that before you -- Updates live updates throughout the game -- -- you might -- -- female that's looking at the cheerleader gallery he had probably. -- the thing here is if you're sports fan you already have this. Idea is to love this this is my favorite -- on the -- ESPN's sports center this is where you wanna be everything you need to know is right here me the -- of the game leading up to the game because if you wanna know you know -- stats and kind of trash -- and friends you know -- what else involved -- live analysis coming up here during the games and this is also the place to be. And then the thing that people also talk about is of course the commercials. The year tragic accident former president Ferris Mueller was necessary to be out there hopefully new -- is this -- when it as is eight plus Super Bowl commercials and seal all the past Super Bowl commercials and a -- -- here. And you can watch Super Bowl commercials from. Previous ones like you have you want SE rain and ice earlier -- -- -- -- the first one with -- baby -- -- -- -- -- as the game progresses. And they go onto YouTube they'll be put up here and you can see -- -- -- commercials. Look at what is the -- against each class Super Bowl commercial and is offering by the way all -- -- help step. I'll look at that save -- -- money absolutely and Super Bowl Sunday so that we can make some wagers. I -- didn't -- some wings yes we lose some some celery and blue cheese and that shows piled high. The -- get its hands full plate of food on one leg and -- and have been -- tablet on the other. Because an -- between campaigns I think Andrea thank you so much from this valuable information -- -- helped all of you out there. Thanks to ABC's Andrea Smith for these football lovers that's for more details are yet to do is go to WNN -- dot com you're watching. World news now enjoy it again.

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{"id":15486498,"title":"Super Bowl Apps That Win Big","duration":"4:36","description":"How to use your smartphone to make the most of the game.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-ready-football-apps-15486498","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}