WNN Skinny: 50 Cent's Promise

What will 50 Cent do if the Giants lose the Super Bowl?
5:45 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: 50 Cent's Promise
Yeah. Welcome back everybody exhibits are -- -- something very very special. -- -- -- and watch the show while it may remember. What often are co -- the need had an iron she Ellis to show a year ago in February here but she's gone to do some very very. Cool things as she left here and the coolest thing happened this week as she is. Brand name new -- put it on our anniversary show well -- just loves she was expecting and yes. What she had a baby boy his name is to hear Zidane and to hear Zidane is his neighborhood goes out to call him -- -- I think it's cool he was 8001. -- she says yes he was actually more with all of that -- he saw the other photo. Very little -- adorable as you can see you to take him home in tomorrow's she's calling the new baby your new little boy her new best friend and get this -- -- actually was watching. World news now during her contractions of the hospital earlier this -- seventy. We sure you're out now that he's probably screaming and -- but we wish you a -- -- -- -- -- healthy healthy baby boy her first child and so very we're all very happy for her own staff. Yeah everybody tells you we have yet first -- how amazing is -- to be at the need. Yet nobody can prepare you for that moment it's the best -- -- you'll ever have that. Speculate fasteners haven't made it a lot better than working with this -- although almost Obama Austin on almost l.s body -- -- -- -- step up thanks so and a lot of new details coming out of Demi Moore you know Vichy was -- -- -- hospital. After allegedly -- dunes and with its at a party. Well she -- no longer being treated at your -- hospitals she reportedly laughed they. Believe that she is at her home if she had a seizure like crisis at her home though. And they're now saying that. Part of her demise is is the fact that her alcoholics anonymous sponsor. A lot of people did not issue was even in AA Friday that her -- sponsor. A seventy year old passed away back in December and I guess she was just a -- She's been amassed since hurting this patsy -- Around substance abuse counselor passed away so that kind of -- -- in Houston says she. -- have issues -- with the whole passionate fan and now there AA sponsored -- she venison later learned this is kind of like some other carriers are tough times will be get better than that said more and more coming out about that. Also lighter note here Matthew Broderick government of the classic move on -- Ferris -- day off and apparently some lives have emerged on YouTube where he made me get a Super Bowl commercial coming up on the fifth economy -- a very famous scene from the movie ticket look at the clip. How could I handle work on the day like today. That's very good and we don't know what. What he may be helping to advertise or whatever but it mimics that -- -- -- -- -- it had opened the -- as cabinet possibly expected to -- school they like this has been updated to the ball I love -- love that movie. And my savings and college -- fairest. Bob. -- no real quick Huffington Post wounded this story we can actually just go to -- cents a Twitter page if the giants win it. The Super Bowl he has made a bet on Twitter with one of his tweeters that he will post a picture of him. Vanilla birthday suit really. How I see that football game alone mall.

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{"id":15454643,"title":"WNN Skinny: 50 Cent's Promise","duration":"5:45","description":"What will 50 Cent do if the Giants lose the Super Bowl?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-50-cents-promise-15454643","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}