WNN Skinny: Bieber Baby Mama Drama

The real baby daddy in the Justin Bieber story steps forward.
3:00 | 11/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: Bieber Baby Mama Drama
Warren -- can be very made me -- joblessness this little guy you -- -- -- Well now her ex boyfriend right -- eaters ex boyfriend says he's positive. He's the baby daddy absolutely -- Justin but the ex boyfriends are different and no -- here. Is saying that Robbie Powell -- glamorize sex. Says that he is basically you know a hypocrite and that -- he actually believe the claims he's the father he should have contacted the attorney directly. On a mitigating this case in the media is just perpetuating. This three ring circus what is so interesting to me -- -- He is already the boyfriend is already entertaining multiple. -- us to do so look on his story what story he immediately did and he got his lone. He could be the baby -- Hollywood is a strange strange place to outlaw what it -- starring Kelly got this week but no man and woman pregnant -- you -- -- Likely falsely accused Bieber got out that -- battery story that. -- -- world also -- times the Playboy Mansion yet again some guy district and using is suing the Playboy Mansion because of discrimination this guy. Went to a party back in October the first was invented for Jenny McCarthy are run charity he paid a thousand bucks to get into the leather meets lace party which I dislike saying. And he -- -- -- these scantily clad women get in for free shocking isn't it amazing actually violates California's state law and needs to be repealed -- citing an actual a court case so he's upset because all of the. You know. You know -- written that they got -- -- and -- -- cough -- -- about a -- I think this is so ridiculous. It's so ridiculous Playboy -- your. Legal right to go this part of this true and look at naked women. Not naked just for violently -- it is express themselves that they're trying to get through school anyway. -- -- Boycott what -- what I can remember I mean I was one of the boycott the -- as she added you don't -- -- a very upset about this wedding fiasco what I -- apparently I'm on my own. Because each season two premiere Courtney can -- New York pulled in a whopping 3.2. Million viewers up from the first. See the number up. Three million up from last year's and last name is unbelievable I mean actually just watching this clip right here I'm I'm engaged I'm I want us it's like I'm right in your car -- It and it is that people and I was really looking for his -- of the marriage collapsed so apparently. You think what you wanna say that there's enough interest to sustain all of this stuff for the card that you and so TV shows do well that's with a network -- let's -- and what they want as well. A bigger payday for them. Also -- to offer all all of our. Vegetarian viewers out there this morning Peta is having a new this -- a series of stamps come out some very famous. Celebrities than most famous because of all time including Paul McCartney Ellen DeGeneres. Pamela Anderson Bob Barker is Steve -- all these guys will be on -- holiday season for all of you non meat -- out there you can celebrate in. You know just let this thing could happen.

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{"id":15044463,"title":"WNN Skinny: Bieber Baby Mama Drama","duration":"3:00","description":"The real baby daddy in the Justin Bieber story steps forward.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-bieber-baby-mama-drama-15044463","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}