WNN Skinny: Book

The inflammatory book and why soldiers are burning it.
2:48 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Book
-- The -- up pops up all. -- at some sort of controversial and today we'll start off with this one. Riley sent to -- two books action cases rather of his book -- -- and patriots remember it was number one on the New York Times best seller list. Very popular would be sent two boxes full of these books to soldiers in Afghanistan. However the soldiers kept one copy they're on the shelf and then they burned the rest -- -- now -- soldier put these photos of bottom line and He said. Some jerk -- just two boxes of this awful book. Just broke the whole lot of them might commander's order no later on they clarified that the reason that they -- these books. Is that they don't have any space to store them and there's no way to send them back there in Afghanistan and kind of post office. What had either -- -- donate them but still it's kind of a controversial thing to do it also if the commander act. -- ordered them to confirm those -- dead bats a different record. Yet that could -- pun intended that sparked some controversy -- -- acting well our order so far no comment from fox over Iraq and interest staying all right -- Ricky -- are memorably host of the Golden -- a year or two ago it cost a lot of war when He is. Causing a -- number controversy this time around because He keeps using the word. Moll MO NG which is short for -- the lawyer which was derogatory term -- many years ago despite the folks who. Are impacted by Down syndrome is apparently no Ricky try to make this argument in that was used the word -- on Twitter many times and. Even on stage He things that didn't. Meaning has changed to mean complete idiot or -- you can imagine Down syndrome groups say wait a minute is still an inappropriate words stop using at least. He even called Twitter yesterday I had used the word among but I never use that word to me Down syndrome and never -- on top of that even tweets this picture kind of simulating. A face that looks like subtle with Down's syndrome which formed only you know fanned the flames even further yours or your -- back in hot water. I think we take you seem to be kind of tasteless sell assault -- -- Steelers. OK moving on to something alone -- happiness is a wonderful tribute to Patrick Swayze of course dirty dancing fame. They made -- wax figure of him at madame tussaud's. Wax museum and his widow was there on hand she did some. Posing with the sculpture it looks just like him balancing on that log -- that famous scene there is on the red carpet we've. Do miss him but great honor to for him and his wife appeared very messy that. And also Two and a Half Men could cover this for months as well of course He started out huge back on September 19 -- big ratings but since. Those -- have actually fallen to about 50% would still higher -- would Charlie Sheen was there are so passionate most creative thinking is being.

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{"id":14776234,"title":"WNN Skinny: Book","duration":"2:48","description":"The inflammatory book and why soldiers are burning it.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-book-14776234","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}