WNN Skinny: Cameron Out Money

Why could James Cameron be out two and a half billion dollars?
3:00 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Cameron Out Money
I gotta go back -- and now time for this can you often around them everywhere they are involved here. Well this for story Chaz -- he's calling off his engagement. I had sued Jennifer Healy of the clotting agent if there -- no longer a couple. -- -- for Bono tells CN easy and they apparently they've left his relationship with love and respect and affection towards one another. The member bono's proposals from her was last seen on the show being -- as and the couple have been -- to 2005 which is remarkable because that he she stuck with him -- Throughout his transition from woman to management's I just you know I think people many people -- wondering. What caused the split if you can stay together through all of acted those sort of -- life changing life altering moments. What broke Emma it's like apple find out about what broke. Them up that's the question interest interest thinks that's a government. I don't some agents about -- -- a whole budget out of yet but. Interest -- all right another break up to -- this kind of said Jessica Lange famous actress in Hollywood for many many years now and Sam Shepard. They've broken up get this after her. How many years is that -- nineteen. My skies and get a since 1982. They have two children together and and Samuel. A source says they're pursuing independent lives of course she's an actress he is a playwright and actor. Himself they brought actually two years ago and I just coming out now that was -- wedding secret let's face it normally everybody knows exactly why Odyssey is People Magazine reported exclusively that's a long time to be the other day -- split -- and holidays out yet so. -- -- I'm now what about this James Cameron sued yet again that -- -- -- -- going to -- point five billion dollars. Over avatar it turns out every so I find -- -- the same idea for avatar this guy Brian Moore he's the science fiction writer not so famous for rarely gets to screen -- a quad and descendants the pollination. He claims -- used those two screenplays as the basis for Abbott's Ari says -- a lot of celebrities like up blue skin and greens and -- -- battle scenes of limbs and branches. And he wants two billion two billion if you get a get a I mean I don't now simulating -- really really well some always comes out of the woodwork -- an album. -- -- -- -- -- At that person you know we'll see how did you. James Franco was an NYU here and -- and professor who's coming out speaking publicly -- saying that. He gave the star. In his class and that's why the school of eventually fire him now this professor Jose Santa -- give him a -- -- -- -- school thank you mr. -- was it like having celebrities on campus so I don't I don't actually gotten games.

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{"id":15193924,"title":"WNN Skinny: Cameron Out Money","duration":"3:00","description":"Why could James Cameron be out two and a half billion dollars?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-cameron-money-15193924","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}