WNN Skinny: Celebrity Chefs

Which celebrity chef is the top chef?
3:32 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Celebrity Chefs
-- And Nevada say I'd jump start time. -- -- They're excited about today's coming from -- Yeah right and yes first of all we weren't we'd -- a story earlier Whitney Houston everyone knows she's had a little you know couple problems in the past turns -- she was. Recently on a flight to out of Atlanta on Delta Airlines. Didn't -- -- car seat -- don't know why. First time the flight -- -- about what she said no it wasn't until a second flight attendant came up and said. -- Houston if you don't buckle a seat belt you're going to be escorted off the plane that she allowed herself to be -- Right a lot of jumped out herself to be out of they had to -- hiring yet he's not welcome herself -- -- someone according to an insider. Told DMZ that she was sober because as you know she has -- long history of substance abuse but she appeared to be -- why she had a problem with a seat -- Unclear but the plane -- finally take off with her and it and He checkered cracked Leppert is carrying on. I would come on now. All the -- I don't get some people that seat belt this is she felt really Maxim Magazine -- news has ranked the hottest TV celebrity chefs Mercedes women's lovely women. Five to one write something they have never completely -- so I apologize in advance here. Teen green's ten from cooking channels He needs came in at number five -- -- floor. Eight are idle -- -- -- -- TV shows what -- -- -- and also food raptors. The number three -- your screen Gionta do you warranties. Are organized her face from Gordon shows number four popular. From Natasha who is what primaries this -- gorgeous woman. Any number one -- in his seat belt. -- -- -- And he's got that Max their. Out of the -- and -- Paula dean with voters got a lot like -- -- -- heartless love -- love -- you. That account while I don't have provided -- -- On the show before in other places that Bethany Frankel sold her skinny girl -- -- drinks. For reportedly 120 million -- -- everywhere but halogen media board's list of -- -- highest paid in -- went out and as it turns out -- I think there's no weighing in delivering anything near that it's a good. Single figure millions -- -- him and an insider said this quote even Brad Pitt is not raking in as some like that for an endorsement deal so what ex reality star certainly isn't now course what is Bethany Frankel think she's denying all the saying she did not. Live that earning a 120 million cocked on the company so you need objections to giving others she made a pretty penny no matter what you may be -- -- -- This summer bird that is more realistic something like eight -- poly America got a far cry from -- twenty but it's nice having only on the they and yes but she's not necessarily retire and I'm not at all won the big news stories of the year of course was the Casey Anthony trial down in Florida the -- that turned into an -- Orlando sentinel is reporting. That case is gonna get one of those. And other kind of address the case -- -- kind of -- -- her personal life and those famous pictures of -- and that blue dress dancing just. Days of her daughter went missing whose views that were common in this case check out the.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Which celebrity chef is the top chef?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"14735120","title":"WNN Skinny: Celebrity Chefs","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-celebrity-chefs-14735120"}