WNN Skinny: Demi Moore

Why are we seeing less of Demi Moore?
3:31 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Demi Moore
-- Welcome back everybody straight to the skinny and -- -- it was really hard. That's right -- -- with the stars who got the boot last thing came down to two couples last night we had. Hope Solo to soccer star of course Carson what's the lesson -- -- thank you from -- I have from spring -- -- years ago. And sadly arson. Despite the best Richardson is out for the elderly actually got a little and He is -- there He -- dogs it was pure joy afternoon. He's doing the show we enjoyed it -- -- -- will be there week after -- rating on the contestants who remained but Carson is at an air -- and later reduced. It looked like He was evident that -- volume there had been -- -- -- -- not bad trillions that they're now move. To a story -- -- disturbing a lot of people are noticing that to me more is getting very skinny they're estimating now that she's just 98 pounds we'll take a look at this side by side here she is at a recent premiere and that red dress that other photograph. That's from five years ago she looks stunning in both but you gotta wonder I mean she looks awfully small they're Joan Rivers. Sold -- out of the way she was -- up. Plain and she was sort of spying on to me and said that on a six hour flight -- she -- eight was an apple and some water and other wondering if she stressed about. These marriage troubles that she's reportedly having with husband. Aston -- -- but still. I don't know of rivers is right to sort of buster -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About the -- history chickens I don't -- on what I don't know what she is looking quite quick look at -- -- a little Leah hope she's our hope is not related to the stresses of America we we shall see. Raw video here to Shia LaBeouf. Wall Street to fame Indiana Jones transformers He was in Vancouver apparently the regular at this bar. -- and easy kind of came out this video of China coming getting out and -- in there industries and. There was a shirtless Harry Bailey do the kind of just really be -- -- in the street here after He left his -- called the cinema. I'll public health is after the fight -- -- to train chasing down the street as friends and held them back a little bit. These are beginning intuit in the barn and spilled out into that scene outside and -- I really kind of. Took a beat down Sony's had a string of arrests for some things including the DW -- and drunken. Confrontations in the past and this is the latest incident for this guy and I kind of rough it was like He. Took -- hard. Absolutely NN Hollywood BS theft alert you always thought that Jennifer Aniston was very good friends of Courtney Cox but it looks like she's actually very close to Reese Witherspoon. Witherspoon was at an awards show and she joked that the two of them get manicures sections together and they love to make out cars that. The moment visualize that she. Cannot hey. Now obviously she was joking but it is it is sweep of the two of them are are such good friends and she said that she likes to make those jets with a splendid. Because she's my friend not your -- -- Later sister on friends couple years ago as well Tulsa that's probably yes that's radical difference -- looking great -- to -- -- their -- and expertise in -- season has reached a cap. -- them talk about tell Armstrong for a lot of weeks now because of the suicide her husband on the real housewives of Beverly Hills and apparently Taylor is getting back in the dating game she's dating this guy named met. Nordegren did you may recognize him from the new reality series. Problems most eligible -- about singles down there in the VD you know he's moving always been that you are very happy she'd like to say she found a southern. Gentlemen that we've got -- good --

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{"id":14767248,"title":"WNN Skinny: Demi Moore","duration":"3:31","description":"Why are we seeing less of Demi Moore?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-demi-moore-14767248","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}