WNN Skinny: 'DWTS'

It's getting nasty on the dance floor. See who said what.
3:38 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: 'DWTS'
-- It is time for the skinny and we have a lot of time and -- -- I didn't get until it. Starting up with Dancing With The Stars if you didn't watch what you missed some real fireworks -- Max attacks this is a fight that went on. Between Max is the partner of Hope Solo and -- who's one of the judges -- was really railing on their performance ends up. Mexico startup of a couple take a -- them. At this age old was dominance of the whole season him I have. Grown -- their -- like our journey. And -- it -- for nearly fifty years monitors so did you it got it. Like not Eizenstat and to everybody -- -- that everybody's putting a lot of effort. Everybody on that balcony. Food sharp tongue their minds I -- Macs don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It frustrate -- -- they didn't have the best performance that's definitely the case tonight but that. Performances that were the best. We had Ricky and Derek and JR and -- they each scored 29 out of thirty. I'm given it to JR when the whole competition the worst us -- of the night tonight again. -- -- -- -- Did a up Phantom of the Opera and it just really didn't take -- the judges were not to clients of his nineteen points there but you've got the hot story. -- it's going to be pretty hot here this is from TMZ. And apparently here guess who's -- pose for Playboy and guess what she's -- to get paid to do with a million dollars for a naked. Lindsay Lohan appellate teams he's reporting that this deal has been divorced for months she wanted to million dollar write off the bed she initially -- and offer up. Three quarters of a million -- I just wasn't enough. But apparently they came back behind offer not quite a million but close to what she signed the dotted lines in the shoot actually started. Over the weekend so -- in the works right now. They don't know which issued the industrial land and probably you know personal get recover whatever he's doing issued only watching still donor community service and maybe -- wasn't here receiving I don't I you know -- -- -- whether she's you know. How much interest there will be in -- I don't think she's. I think that'll sell items so a lot of negativity in this -- really gotten -- -- XX SNL star Darryl Hammond is out with a new book and he's talking. About some pretty shocking. On SNL He reveals a drug ridden past and it's not necessarily what you'd expect He says it's. Alcohol and cocaine He even moved on to going to crack houses in Harlem. And when He couldn't access drugs or alcohol He apparently was cutting himself backstage he's at one point NBC had -- take -- away in a straitjacket. -- is now clean and sober and he's reading all about it in his new tell. Well -- a brilliant comedian and person here but wow -- lot of -- and -- real history that kind of stuff so he's just the latest in a long line. This I think this next story because to me this is very telling about Hollywood we all know this -- He would former fits into the -- -- female wrestler beautiful tall -- what she's George Clooney's latest girlfriend here that He is there. And before she got with -- she was charging 101000 bucks for personal appearance. But because now she's being upbeat and mr. at least for the next ten minutes she's -- charging 25000. Dollars very personal appearance for as long as the relation George Will last -- should be at least another. They -- too but that is how Hollywood works 150% increase -- -- -- -- -- come back that it. There could get -- for -- you make headlines days.

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{"id":14807736,"title":"WNN Skinny: 'DWTS'","duration":"3:38","description":"It's getting nasty on the dance floor. See who said what.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-dwts-14807736","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}