WNN Skinny: DWTS Competition Heats Up

Who impressed the judges on "Dancing With The Stars?"
2:56 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: DWTS Competition Heats Up
While my followers get enough so excited I'm so excited. Well and tonight we're gonna talk about what else Dancing With The Stars yeah I'm gonna give you a little. Play by play -- Ricky lake and Derek came out on top after receiving her. First perfect score -- with a total of 677. De -- crowd cheered him on the whole way through. Now rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke's bubbly some law also brought. The ballroom audience to its feet in -- -- the judges weren't enthusiastic agreement he -- total 65 out of seventy. JR Marc Martinez and Korea Smirnoff had a bit of a setback. That's because he twisted his ankle during practice -- that again during his first dance. After his second -- he appeared to be in a lot of pain and then hope it Maxi. Saw -- there came in last place she suffered some shoulder pain. I'm sad to report during rehearsals but kept a positive attitude saying after the second -- Max was smiling this is my partner finally. We're happy endings getting tossed. You know. I'm gonna have to go with hope you have coming after you and -- hell yeah I'm convinced him I don't have a policy. Now tomorrow -- Leaves Jimmy -- leave Jamie -- she found that it right with Jimmy to. However she's walking off with 85 million pounds in her back 85 million pounds just for -- I love Jimmy issue. Shoes I love a lot of issues. But what's interesting is they're saying that now the bread is gonna change report suggested some insiders at the -- think the labels becoming a little too mainstream. And they name really locks it up a bit so we'll we'll see what happens in connection in the future. Tell that 85 million pounds while other issues I wish I would have invented something like that yeah. Well you know we all of Katy Perry. Here on on world news now that she's very talented singer and dancer but she's no Jethro -- let's put it that way and we've -- and lip -- disasters happen on stage well. How about -- thinking not so much so you can imagine the embarrassment they keep her. She had a flu fail during a recent. Concert what he was covering J. D. Drew had -- she was seen playing a diamond encrusted blue with a Baghdad turns out you play the instrument of law. Pretended to play the mood in the big film came -- mr. Q did -- play. This song plays in the -- who is nowhere near her -- Oops I didn't well I think about it and running what is. All of a lot of times we've seen -- thinking -- Artists singers who who don't have that much talent she's obviously very talented so -- -- -- --

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{"id":14954062,"title":"WNN Skinny: DWTS Competition Heats Up","duration":"2:56","description":"Who impressed the judges on \"Dancing With The Stars?\"","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-dwts-competition-heats-14954062","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}