WNN Skinny: Is There a Fake Kardashian?

Meet the Kardashian who might not actually be a Kardashian.
2:59 | 01/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: Is There a Fake Kardashian?
-- details of the people's choice award for you big -- yes most coveted award in Hollywood. Did you know it happened. No I didn't watch I was I was asleep OK and there are 38 years -- -- a look at some of -- Top winners yes from a night -- favorite movie and comedic actress goes to -- down the big fan of her. Best daytime TV host Alan degenerates the only dates back to comedic actor Adam Sandler -- -- -- band room five. You know what. -- any of the big winners and -- yeah there's some other big winners send -- Patrick Harris who could. To Europe for Regis you know as a favorite TV -- where many rumors out there and there's a whole lot of rumors floating out there. But these -- the divorce and make me feel old because I really don't recognize about 50% of the kids. Bath -- -- place this drama movie went to war without or for elephants Lady Gaga took home some awards favorite R&B artist Rihanna Faith Hill also was -- -- is look at here is -- not gorgeous Betty Betty -- is -- I'm not talking about a given -- -- turns ninety years old next good Saturday to honor the month so many looking good and certainly. Everyone loves her so the united People's Choice Awards but let's get some card that Sheehan. Do not minding August 2 to listen to this -- this is a little bit different than other the other stuff that we talk about apparently Robert card that she in the -- she passed -- years ago from cancer. I was married twice before he married Chris Jenner so now. Before that his points after -- right. She -- -- twice after the two wives that's for Chris are now coming out saying you know what Chloe is not a real car bashing Chris actually. Was with another man and Chloe is them. The door -- she's like the total look like any event she doesn't even look like that and she's a little bit taller she jumps like it's -- -- this coming out in this. You have to walk through these two former. What types of Robert Kardashian is Kobe is not real she blasted -- on Twitter denying the whole thing but in her autobiography Chris Jenner admitted. She did she tell Robert -- dashing and when they were married but who and with the younger man but it was after the fort kids were born just don't. Roberts says Arabs should when the ex wife said Robert told her that the marriage was they were really having relations at the time the -- was conceived however. Could actually understatement -- looks just like Robert's mother could -- -- -- -- -- car -- interest in outsourcing gets away and you wanted to put a ring on Halley -- singer for the third time but. Olivier Martinez thirty dead as he's getting married for a third time in the days since 2010 -- to be her third marriage she was married to David Justice that is. Eric Benet but she got a nice little. -- this of one of the kind emerald and diamond ring. Felt so happens -- she's yet -- 45 the most amazing he's 46 and looks equally as amazing regulations to them and Israelis and any gift I was sending all of my love. And that's usually your tears -- have.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Meet the Kardashian who might not actually be a Kardashian.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"15344151","title":"WNN Skinny: Is There a Fake Kardashian?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-fake-kardashian-15344151"}