WNN Skinny: Fascinating People of 2011

Who made the list of most fascinating people of this past year?
3:00 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Fascinating People of 2011
Welcome back everybody is that time of -- again you know and the list of this and -- 12011 all coming out of course all the data into the mix Barbara Walters and -- -- -- sped up her special ten most fascinating. The people of the year and so ABC's talking about just releasing a few of the names that are out there -- don't know. Who is the number one give -- a few names to toss out there this morning on the list. Simon -- on the list as is. Katy Perry could not Middleton and yes they don't let your screen the cargo that can't believe yeah but they are fascinating you don't you wanna watch them I don't know Weddington -- Robin well Dancing With The Stars so you know she's you know it -- put him on the list again -- can't argue with the queen. Derek Jeter is going to be on the -- and we should have been Middleton. For whatever reasons I don't get her career and what I don't get the pancake -- -- -- also Donald Trump on the list Jesse Tyler Ferguson Eric stone streets and should be very interesting was to check out and get the full show December the fourteenth at 930 here on ABC -- be watching that is number why didn't have right. Well Max Brad Pitt apparently helps us console suicidal man Adam money ball screening he spoke to the man really talk them off the lead to basically was. Giving him advice and and -- him every failure can lead. His successor everyone's talking about this is you know being such a wonderful thing I'm not -- -- -- -- Every guy here you can have a suicidal man to help you when you. I mean Jennifer Aniston you leave Jennifer Aniston. For Angelina Jolie Jennifer Aniston is nice okay she's beautiful but she's nice why do you have to leave -- really nice girl. For the other girl -- maybe even a not nice man he followed his heart and he had a reading him miles are involved are truly -- -- has since that I just I. I have been lying to Brad Pitt he helped this suicidal man gives a good advice and an -- night -- -- I don't have good humanitarian about -- reticent as well but I'm saying like. I don't care. We -- very upset -- your. Evening news from Sarah Jessica Parker of course -- a fellow new Yorker just like she's 46 years old now barely. Maybe borrowing a page and Carrie Brad Charles book -- she's moved a few blocks away to a town now cut into an apartment just a block few blocks away from the townhouse he shares. Of course -- her husband Matthew Broderick and there. Three children. But -- this is leading maybe some to wonder you know. Why is she doing this is this is to work space or this -- just have been any real or his twins Tyler I mean it's gotta be she's a workaholic. But she loves her family is well. She may just need the space to think and to work rather than working -- someplace downstairs like Starbucks you can't really do that when she says she needed places to work in peace she has three kids -- to crazy household. He really number. They're not Corzine reportedly it's not a mommy Canaveral private all the why -- to Begin a few black awareness is this an -- and bloom know what -- next we have Hansen. -- -- -- botnet annoying song I don't know and apparently they are contacting -- -- -- -- so -- that you know these former teen boy band members there are launching their whole I'd be happy. I think that's really interesting here -- We knew we hear from any economy -- One hit wonders and and I don't remember what that weapon who they say that they're never gonna make -- lunch boxes are toothbrush is just being that's good because that when seven.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Who made the list of most fascinating people of this past year?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"15070168","title":"WNN Skinny: Fascinating People of 2011","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-fascinating-people-2011-15070168"}