WNN Skinny: Finals on 'DWTS'

See highlights of the first night of the finals on 'Dancing with the Stars.'
3:22 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Finals on 'DWTS'
Yeah. Everybody like this time tomorrow we will know who has the mirror ball trophy tonight -- -- Dancing With The Stars finale they gave their last dance last night. And it really was graves -- by JR Martinez Ricki Lake. And rob Kardashian -- all they'll -- doing their thing. There is rob out there -- -- -- to get this far but he's looking good and got her neighborhood's good season. The that we also Ricky lake she looked -- -- -- last night. -- her partner. And then also I think it's the crowd favorite JR Martinez was announced last night -- do anything great back story great guy and he got another term store last night as well. A news partner Salinas who hand out there doing bad things -- -- -- great finale -- not look at that night. At 9 PM eastern time check out and out of portion of under here tomorrow night another season about to be in the books I read about that subject jail. I'm I'm I -- we are -- on this -- so they came a long way and right. Well Justin Bieber. It's -- the paternity test. Being on Wednesday to prove that he is not the father interestingly enough year remember that twenty year old unemployed single mom who lives in San Diego she filed a paternity suit. Against -- on Halloween this is sort of quietly with you've -- two weeks ago and she claimed -- -- -- started receiving separate but. -- has vowed to assume her vowed to sue her and her lawyers once he establishes he's -- the baby daddy. And I'm sure his Campbell make those results public and somehow I don't present there in his neighbors we'll see how that plays out but -- I think because she dismissed the seas. Is it particularly -- -- you know he's already insulated still acting together. This has also been -- final back in the news this morning two of real housewives of New York's famed apparently this class action lawsuit ten million dollars against her skinny girl Margarita -- -- Because they're saying was false advertising when she said it was all natural no preservatives -- kind of amended that lawsuit is safe on top of that she was -- using the low quality. Tequila zone out -- upsets -- are adding on substantive I might imagine an -- She -- she sold the brand for a hundred million bucks reportedly and also because this -- not natural claim whole foods is Bob you know has pulled it off its shelves but. We'll see how -- survives in court. We'll -- about money Wesley Snipes we know that he owed taxes and so he's now in prison. Well he also owes American Express about 30000. Dollars he had a bill before you went to prison. Credit card company is now suing him they filed legal documents in Florida last week insisting that -- in -- actor. Racked up that massive critic -- bill as a free man and now they want their money back. Plus interest. No one understands how millionaires and get that get in debt and don't pay taxes gone forever but I don't understand where the Vatican. -- -- -- Let's get this done his morning Francis Ford Coppola of course we all know the god father -- we came out and made a statement saying he never should remain deceitful only should have made the first woman should stop there -- -- never should should have been made. Well simple loving often the only sequel ever do so in -- is considered the best sequel ever put -- hopeless and never should have done it. That to me is a broad spectrum don't understand.

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{"id":15004821,"title":"WNN Skinny: Finals on 'DWTS'","duration":"3:22","description":"See highlights of the first night of the finals on 'Dancing with the Stars.'","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-finals-dwts-15004821","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}