WNN Skinny: Foul Mouth Chris Brown

What caused Chris Brown to send tweets with four-letter words?
2:59 | 02/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: Foul Mouth Chris Brown
Yeah. Hey welcome back everybody so of course talking about Whitney Houston now we're learning details about the funeral will not be a public moral -- decided. Keep things private which I think we all can I'll respect we also -- to the gospel singer Marvin Winans he is going to give the eulogy. At that death -- funeral will be held at her church there in Newark on Saturday. At noon if you if you recognize that last names for good reason leaving one SEC -- -- the first. Family of gospel music -- he's been chosen to gave the eulogy that that was which is very very close himself a Grammy Award winning gospel singer so. He'll be the -- to talk at the service. And if you -- to glean last night away and the irony it was to resume received just it was just strange if it was purely coincidental. He amber Riley saying I will always love you producers said that this was. In planned you know months ago they dedicated the show to -- at the end but. Just a range they just days after her death here on their Valentine's Day -- special edition of glee. Please take a listen to it's beautiful. Timing in life is strange sometimes is not -- out into a -- of the great performance there also. -- -- way back in 2003 there was a hot interview between Wendi Williams when you start -- TV star has her own show Whitney Houston has. Women who -- Whitney was the topic a lot of when he shows back in the day. At all her show when addressing Whitney's dad she kind of got -- little choked up when she was talking about -- because she shared two that she went herself had. Drugs in her past and -- -- -- could relate to winning on that level take a listen. -- Jersey girls. She was a woman. Like me who's part of these sub culture. Of our society. The act. You know when he says she's been clean now for fifteen years -- says you call that infamous interview YouTube and it is fascinating and -- the last unchanged it was I love you when she's a lovely lady. And that's where they that's where they. Left -- -- -- shall never talk about it again. Who don't pay and also going back to the night of the grammys Chris Brown here three years ago beat his girlfriend Rihanna and then the night before the night the grammys. I took some -- and Twitter from Miranda Lambert and Michelle Branch were clearly upset that he had to performance says. During the grammys -- he lashed out and this Twitter account. He said hate all you want because they -- a -- now that's the ultimate believed off he did take it down and then radar online dot com. Saying that didn't somebody else tweeted that that he didn't -- that but come from really yet to be responsible for -- Traci -- Chris anger management uses.

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{"id":15626042,"title":"WNN Skinny: Foul Mouth Chris Brown","duration":"2:59","description":"What caused Chris Brown to send tweets with four-letter words?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-foul-mouth-chris-brown-15626042","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}