WNN Skinny: Fox News Channel

Adam Levine has a message for Fox News Channel.
3:04 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Fox News Channel
-- We have got a juicy skating aren't always -- starting with this first story. It looks like Jessica Simpson is pregnant at least that's what she told OK magazine. Take a look at this cover this -- the new cover that's coming out today. It are actually Thursday so last night she joked that she can eat anything now and no one -- care sort of a rule of pregnant women. She apparently was holding out she wanted to get paid apparently she got paid 500000. Dollars for this news and saw Alex He needs the money that maybe she wants more slack for the baby -- Exactly and this is just -- that's what about clothing line -- and used regularly yeah. I had just is that well she is doing well of course this is that with her fiance Eric Johnson she He she is 31 -- thirty -- and now. There again. Ready for a raft of what they -- After that happened to Jessica that -- will be good looking kid and welfare are listed. Also here federal Adam Levine from the game band Maroon 5 may recognize are hits Sunday morning all that -- -- he's in a Twitter war with some folks are there at fox the news. So apparently He launched a war of words with some of those guys these two guys Gregg got field -- -- I should say because if He tweeting here Fox News don't. Play our music on your evil blanking channel ever again thank you Kelly -- -- on the station one day well that apparently. Andy let me and Greg got killed inside government respond back all kinds of nasty tweaks they want a -- -- here Adam Levine don't make crappy blinking music again thank you. They went back and forth and held sometime later they played more music on the air of Adams and revived and it -- trash cans and don't feel extremely -- -- the music. Back and forth he's not responding to that so far but whatever reason that He does not want -- On Fox News and they took their battle to Twitter anymore they were equally -- -- let's just say that. There are being may know where they have my goodness OK -- -- -- -- an update on that story that we told you. About earlier this week -- -- sick what underwent a double lumpectomy on Tuesday as part of her breast cancer treatment. Her husband 1 on a morning show and talked about it He said that she's relieved to have it over with send that the cancer is now how she's doing well from recovering and He is adding. Nursing now to his recipes and articles -- her home there -- here remember her husband's a guy who's the first ever winner of Donald trumps apprentice so. -- had -- been tough time for them but they're making it through. Also I think this next our because -- hasn't made a name we've -- -- MC hammer pat remember this -- laid back in the day. Apparently this week's web 2.0 conference on severance as though He unveiled that He has a new search engine coming out called why are you and so basically this whole thing where He search for car comes -- all these things related to talk more about. Vertical search but He went broke years ago come out and got them let me do this but apparently He is doing -- -- -- hammer and are yeah yeah. Well look.

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{"id":14784990,"title":"WNN Skinny: Fox News Channel","duration":"3:04","description":"Adam Levine has a message for Fox News Channel.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-fox-news-channel-14784990","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}