WNN Skinny: 'Glee' Guest Star

What's big and hairy and going to appear on 'Glee?'
3:00 | 12/07/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: 'Glee' Guest Star
It's -- good stuff in this game today Snyder. First thing. Beyonce is being sued -- -- as a video game maker suing her for a 100000300. Million dollars. Apparently Manhattan Supreme Court justice today ruled that the -- and go forward her attorneys are trying to get rid of the suit. It's about a dance video games are supposed to be part she pulled that the makers of the video gamers aged people because she wanted more. Money they're following an extortionist demands she says none innovative secure the financing for the project -- -- deadline and a backlash pull out so we'll see what's gonna happen but -- certainly. Isn't going to. Can't -- a -- -- -- -- had a breached a contract another 100 million dollars well I would imagine that a loss of way in video game with Beyonce dancing. -- he went yeah. I don't rule I would buy it love it live. The -- head back in the news apparently we talk about this a few weeks ago house posing in Playboy now cover Marilyn Monroe inspired shoot. Apparently getting close to one million dollar paycheck to do this -- will be out on newsstands sometime this month was January February issue since June to do one interview during Wallace on the stands and she's -- The Ellen DeGeneres show apparently as the place -- debut and fashion and show some of the spread on Ellen's show foreseeable block out that. Naughty bits and all that good stuff but Villaraigosa Lindsey think we should see how -- do it again will be out this shows on air next week and that and Playboy will be on newsstands. In a matter of days we'll see what. There's -- hands working with -- what this is my fade. The New York Daily News. -- -- -- -- Want to (%expletive) up his arm or where everybody's Palin -- gonna make an appearance on the Christmas at this it. I just wish they had art students and tell you that you can't sell more coal we want they'll be the shoes showers -- the federal -- is not time definite. That -- about it. Ever recovered about that you believe it was if the big sugardaddies that aspect of -- and unfortunately that's -- tragic. Also visited using other. Pet lovers out there all of this and -- movie out the Argus was getting a lot of Oscar muscular loving this. This -- kind of end it's have a black and white -- movie. Anyway the nine year old carrier in the movie name -- either saying a highly trained dog who was exceptionally good in this movie that was a FaceBook page. To get him nominated for an Oscar -- their legs like Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney -- also possibly have for Oscar's the issue here as an elegant as a FaceBook campaign. My movie -- demanding the dog be given award for his -- I don't I don't think. Animals can win Oscars I'd be shocked -- the campaign is successful but that's how much people say this dog is that good in this I want to see the movie just for the -- just for the dog grooming we'll we'll see we'll see him -- Mourners come -- next don't go.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"What's big and hairy and going to appear on 'Glee?'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"15101620","title":"WNN Skinny: 'Glee' Guest Star","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-glee-guest-star-15101620"}