WNN Skinny: Heeeeeeeere's Michelle

Michelle Obama pays a visit to "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
3:51 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Heeeeeeeere's Michelle
-- -- Well I think a little testy -- -- will show that footage. Are jumping -- you're you're exercising choice you know I do everything I mean jumping -- yeah. Lunges I'll look at everything -- boxing does the president have to worry about the box -- Yes sometimes when he -- -- legend and a oh -- Yeah. I'm a clip from. -- -- -- -- Last night by the forgot that the British -- -- -- that Al -- and everything you may remember that -- -- bombs -- Jay -- amid a little clip of well the president singled and outrage then there's a modest looking shows off his lungs all the time in the -- lawyers he loves Al Green -- -- Stevie Wonder all the classes. He sings to her all the time just that. Yeah -- that then she got an Atlanta. The OK so I'm -- -- this is a story that is kind of hitting close to at least New York but just across the river in Hoboken that mayor there. Yet and yes -- Hoboken, New Jersey the mayor there has denied. Jwoww and Snooki is new reality show to -- OK so there thinking this could be good for the economy but the mayor has said. That based on protecting public safety and quality of life concerns for Hoboken residents. They are not going to allow the reality show to film and Hoboken they said that the show would result in quote. And unacceptable lessening of the quality of life for the local residents and businesses -- traffic -- noisy crowds and completely disrupting. Day today like I say good. You had to go -- seven these folks Italy didn't want to now -- because a lot of us will be a spin -- show featuring Jay well in. And Snooki is a member of the Estes died so that benefited from organism or maybe -- those breast violated the plastic grenades and that's what they -- -- who knows. How I shall I did their I have some of the show I can't get that time Max I never watch it -- Madame K moving on here tourism and axles -- -- -- dollars in bail. With Palin talks are talking about me this law does little animal that her boy -- ice age dinner right from ice age here and apparently she is. Laughed so hard to -- -- this result in this very funny video and the moment he -- more animal. Take a look. They're the only thing. That is real relationships throughout our whole life she is. -- he's really excited she tends to cries -- -- got a little animal. She really did -- -- tears as she showed the video on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd love her daughter and I'm -- -- -- -- loved Madonna she's going to be former in this Sunday's halftime show. A long way if Nikki and I wish. End and -- day they -- speak -- -- with her but a little little kid -- Wikipedia if you go to Wikipedia look up half time shows. I guess BS that list has it is -- out there OK so she's going to be singing according to Wikipedia I give me on your love -- featuring making an an MIA followed by a ray of light. -- Music and holiday her spokesperson as saying it's not accurate they did not get it right -- for all of you that. Fell in love with Madonna and based upon those songs from the eighty's -- couldn't be given something back -- the fans. Primary -- from Madonna does someone actually can sing well and they'll also be performing at the grammys this year her first performance and she underwent surgery -- vocal cords so. She made it through -- -- is going to be on the Grammy she's had a huge -- to such a talent so. Check out on the grammys -- -- -- -- first slide killed since that surgery so welcome back to the stage until she's being. Okay. Listen or.

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{"id":15486465,"title":"WNN Skinny: Heeeeeeeere's Michelle","duration":"3:51","description":"Michelle Obama pays a visit to \"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.\"","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-heeeeeeeeres-michelle-15486465","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}