WNN Skinny: 'Jersey Shore' Sued

The cast of "Jersey Shore" is being sued for $7 million.
2:46 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: 'Jersey Shore' Sued
Story coming out of -- it was just shocking to me apparently never Brittany Murphy and there isn't -- that clueless. On the mile and an N I yes she died. -- and it was of pneumonia allegedly well now her mother is suing. And this -- -- the builders of the home where she died. Claiming that there was some sort of toxic mold that may have killed the star and interestingly enough remember. After she died her husband died also allegedly of pneumonia so perhaps he got just a few months after she did -- her -- perhaps there's something two it. It just seeing also is that she purchased -- five bedroom home from Britney Spears in June 2003 forget this three point 85. Million doesn't. Because have killed of that house but how about how that's of the monsoon four I'm. Unbelievable -- -- young talented actors it was better than her death was really really but most can be very dangerous can be very very dangerous so -- who knows what's gonna happen but my good on his decision something that -- -- that correct aboard you know would have taken a life. All right lighter fare here is Snooki from the Jersey -- everyone's favorite ten months in in the world. Yes the near post is reporting -- hooking -- could be getting sued for a cold seven than a million bucks. That's because apparently a merchandising deal has gone wrong you've heard we see the star in Hollywood a lot here where there was some agreement -- of the company. And she said that you weren't they weren't fulfilling their side of the bargain and they sooner you pulled out of the deal we're never going after of the seven million bucks and you sit there in the meeting wolf because she had them -- money. Seventy don't know I don't get -- -- about these kids out there of those. They're money from the show public -- a product life she -- a -- made the New York Times best seller lists those kids are getting paid. I'm shocked that she could accident. Million dollars ebitda. May not that was a lot of -- -- can't keep you how this Rihanna throwing up. And -- Portugal. During a backstage when she was in concert. Kimura shook -- its apparently she's she's saying that she ran into some digestion of complications -- -- each. While up performing issue -- in the middle -- what's my name she threw up editions Swedish yes. That's -- throw up but that's you know what I mean back to finish my song and rumors about -- go -- yeah people who say you know she's having some sort of health issues and dietary issues they don't know. -- -- -- -- right -- -- quick news here for you sports fans that they're David Beckham one and only they think he's not he could be headed out of LA galaxy team going to the biggest club. In Paris his reps say no it's it's a premature announcement nobody apparently could be leading -- team in LA now just don't get paid a lot of -- issue.

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{"id":15203736,"title":"WNN Skinny: 'Jersey Shore' Sued","duration":"2:46","description":"The cast of \"Jersey Shore\" is being sued for $7 million.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-jersey-shore-sued-15203736","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}