WNN Skinny: What Did Joan Rivers Do Again?

What has Joan Rivers done more than 700 times?
3:14 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: What Did Joan Rivers Do Again?
Sam Robert Downey junior -- -- is a great actor yeah and he's a dad for the second time as well he and his wife Susan and gave birth if she gave birth rather than a two a little -- -- not so little seven pounds five ounces twenty inches long been named -- just extend. Alliance Downey everybody's happy. Healthy he has the eighteen year old son from a previous marriage but but he -- this was a big surprise. Pregnancy so this summer Rihanna that way we -- -- blessings -- What do you think I was a blessing -- 46 you know by the time fees ready to graduate is going to be let. -- -- -- Sixty film -- it was hit that graduation of the game. Don't forget that eighteen year age ever Xiamen is is that brother that that there was just now healthy baby can't it is in -- way it has the blessing. Was also blessing is that Joan Rivers still I think her original parts because she got involved -- -- -- -- she's very open about it has finished at eight tons of plastic surgery now she's putting a number so we've all known. And she says she is not under the knife more than seven didn't fund -- times. Jesse not -- -- -- -- -- she's having treatment done so often that she gets one procedure one free procedure for every tip that she goes and it's crazy -- this new -- reality show called -- Melissa Joan knows best. And even adorable when -- -- turns him on real little to -- dig into this. Surgery thing but Jones has she spoke she likes to do -- even at 78 years old these issues one more -- he's never goes to Mike to. And that is to get is that true isn't done yet but -- still considering that seven. Hundred procedures she is she has done on -- anthrax she simply loves yeah that's. A lot she -- -- plastic river today skyscrapers not new jet slid into -- is Beyonce -- or weeks after giving them are too little blue -- me. She stunned -- Portman as you -- -- more weeks look at that adding. All OK what you don't see. -- Christian Louis Vuitton -- platform heels that she was wearing along with that. Body hugging dress that she was going to support her husband Jay-Z in Manhattan at Carnegie -- he was -- -- Performing the concert there to benefit the united way he according to people at the concert he got choked up her when he performed glory that was the -- -- -- the -- -- -- I mean. What at a concert goers as I didn't think I was there he said I didn't think I was gonna make it through that one. That was -- There -- rumors out there that she really had a baby they used a surrogate is on the -- -- a -- At this unwelcome reminder that I wish -- a lot of love and it's first and he falls apart after your second. That's -- she looks good now or. Also giants linebacker Greg Jones -- very cool thing after the giants won the super bowl Sunday night he surprised his girlfriend. A man that he proposed there -- the he'll have the -- -- someone -- carry the ring. And then with a game was over you can see she is -- doubts. They didn't they start getting about a year ago they met three years ago Michigan say she's a former baseball player and a model she would stop crimes we wish them the best of luck nice finding new way to go.

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{"id":15536436,"title":"WNN Skinny: What Did Joan Rivers Do Again?","duration":"3:14","description":"What has Joan Rivers done more than 700 times?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-joan-rivers-15536436","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}