WNN Skinny: Justin Bieber

What's the latest on the paternity suit against Justin Bieber?
3:35 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Justin Bieber
-- My third -- It and you know it just realized I think this is our first game that we port can card asking is not part of -- are. But I think it's no hitter really. Okay here's the story we know about -- paternity suit involving Justin -- right he's ignoring it -- talking about though for the first time. On Twitter today he says I'm -- -- -- the rumors I'm focusing on what's -- Judge me on the music. But the interesting thing about this is. The woman who filed the suit Maria -- aviator her grandfather is speaking out in -- Saying that she's not a -- That she met Justin Bieber at one of his concerts. He sent to security guards stand atop her on the shoulder and say come backstage who -- you need. His -- -- and same party has some drinks -- -- we'll always secondary colors he's seventeen she's to money I heard -- eyewitness here on the her picture yet just appeared in -- Star Magazine she went with the story. Interesting about -- now that she's got public on this she could face a statutory rape her -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Justin -- that plays out Hossa mystery shopping this more we've heard last couple weeks that. Fashion that -- -- -- -- on the rocks because of his infidelity well now reported in touch magazine maybe detonate herself as. Lid on this side the other thing -- she wasn't messing around with actually a friend of fashion's Ben Hollingsworth. Proceedings are held his buddies in the she helped them find a place of around some career advising -- on TV show -- on the beautiful life on the CW. But apparently one night she picked him up after he'd been partying and then the cougar came out. We're doing insider always the inside and they went and having -- in the back of the car I just kept going on from there both threats or denying this is about -- anything happen here. He's and then eventually found guilty and pulled out of the affairs is getting the million -- -- action and felt bad about it -- -- try to explain to him look we have an open marriage. Yeah the -- out -- so maybe it was the war on. Well they're playing around interesting stuff. Yeah and boom boom Carl Johanneson has the gap for the first time about -- this incident when she was victim of hacking around in this story where -- -- -- -- -- of the sky Christopher Cheney in Florida he's charged now with hacking wiretapping. Aggressive aggravated. Identity theft she's talking to Vanity Fair the December issue saying that these photos that they got. By hacking into herself -- new photos of her. Where going to her husband's position was sending him to her now ex husband Ryan Reynolds -- thing is that the photos showed her posing I'm naked in a bathroom -- and lying topless in bed and she said quote I know my best angles. And that's totally yeah. That -- god for that inside -- possibly below has always back in the news that was -- -- on her way back to jail again she was in court yesterday. Ordered to serve thirty days and gamble because it's not a violent offensive because of overcrowding yet to only serve and -- -- -- go back out she will -- her fifth. Yeltsin on November the night and -- just serving they are to hear the judge has vowed to -- Jackson jail time if she messes up again plus couple hundred hours community service so on and so forth. If you think you being here is. That the judge give him more time to start person -- a -- about a week longer is she to wrap up her Playboy photo shoot up from which she's about to make a million dollars that is just this Hollywood. -- a priority. Yeah -- so did the put it mansion.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"What's the latest on the paternity suit against Justin Bieber?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"14871381","title":"WNN Skinny: Justin Bieber","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-justin-bieber-14871381"}