WNN Skinny: Kardashian Divorce

What caused Kim and Kris to end their marriage after 72 days?
3:04 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Kardashian Divorce
What the song. Tell you what's important is that we know that -- the eighth that time today and it's that night the -- ice dancing when he learns yes. Fifth season. Arafat five remaining celebrities left there we go -- Healy -- at the -- she is at the top right now 27. Point six -- 53 point combines his -- it was Halloween night as you can see there's Robert ash in in the Gomez out that they were teasing at his partner Cheryl -- saint -- like -- -- -- -- the that stands. Hope Solo and rocket hit now fifty points with her -- -- -- -- And that camera Tina's -- prairie he was -- and ghost busters everybody -- to a different Halloween song David Arquette has the -- Tonight -- and I think the bottom of the home hotel the bottom little dividend rate -- knee and and -- -- they right near the top the end idiocy is still must -- you know late in the Hampton. Can't guard the ASEAN was not the audience that's I am here is why I'm sure you've heard this news by now all the talk about this for a while I was -- a lot. Lincoln Tunnel and -- two days 72 days since they got married helped him officially filed for divorce. Yesterday. Citing you're irreconcilable. Difference is apparently the big sticking point is that you know after the whole wedding height. Settle down that he wanted to move the Minnesota she will leave LA is now she's called it quits. So she went on Twitter to confirm this yesterday after first inning -- -- About her new clothing store -- opening and then on top of that -- her mom's new book hits store shelves and it's obviously some are saying this is a big publicity stunt the marriage was never real it was all. Pre arranged other folks are saying this is a complete -- we feel so bad. -- questions to -- -- to -- reality show -- learning -- the next season's of the sister reality show reports this divorce won't be part of that religious right had I only have a they had -- they correctly correct the you. The -- now this is all happened here so he's 26 she's 31 and they just could not make it -- -- she's an effort careful consideration but decided to end my marriage. How careful that'd be detonated -- for a few months there Larry little over two. Might help careful -- -- -- at his wedding there is reportedly anywhere from ten to eighteen million dollars that they haven't -- -- -- -- this special that's gone on for days and is now they're gonna start -- it again yeah yeah. And hell -- you divine that ten million dollars up but it's an issue is how much is what it cost. Per day they've been married they've made about quarter million dollars every day of of the marriage here so it's it. The whole thing is really nothing they made money not only the TV rights and made money. Off the exclusive pictures and magazines of her a lot of facets here there is a pre nup all her stuff is protected but a lot of questions here all of what went wrong sisters were all of -- -- today talking about it. I don't know if it was love and you gotta be supported and you -- let -- -- I think this is the dollar. Out way out there there we are from new man breaking news -- -- world news now there's a weird story -- -- publicity stunt I'm just saying what. We're talking that keeps.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"What caused Kim and Kris to end their marriage after 72 days?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"14855700","title":"WNN Skinny: Kardashian Divorce","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-kardashian-divorce-14855700"}