WNN Skinny: Kris vs. Kim

Kris Humphries wants more than just a divorce from Kim Kardashian.
3:00 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Kris vs. Kim
That's. Let's start with the Grammy Award nominations they came out last night and clear winners out there Buehrle had a big night the big stars Kanye West -- -- we'll Foo Fighters and Bruno Mars all -- modern history right now they really. Head of the biggest -- denominations and really -- -- is the leader of the pack here. He has not in seven categories overall. Also on top of that album of the year nominees Adele company with 21 Foo Fighters for wasting -- Lady Gaga born this way Bruno Mars -- -- -- and hooligans and Rihanna Lal than for record of the year which is actually. Song of the year but goes to the artist is -- -- role in the deep. -- -- -- bond cyber policy assortment that Bruno mars' grenade Mumford and sons the cave and Katy Perry's firework and you'll see the show February 12 out in LA Jenrette saw that prediction I think I think in Gaza overnight as -- -- and -- -- -- done -- done perhaps a -- -- -- T -- added. In this -- is there anything like that when and -- that a her cat news -- I don't I don't. I'm I'm showers again anyway. How about this just in May chairman Justin Bieber -- Mariah Carey they debuted there all I want. For Christmas is you video and people -- really talking about it they felt it was a little too much he's seventeen. She's 41 it but she was a little -- sexy. Not actually offended by that OK so she's a mom so what she has two kids she. It's good if courtroom -- that there were up forty point year old rock star had seventeen year old girl. No -- probably play the doubles now. Aren't -- but because your sexy mom all of a sudden it's too much time angry about. Feel like it but they're expecting not up there okay. Eight midnight I'm not at love for the cougars under the. -- He's a fugitive for commercials you -- and -- new post. -- not Mariah looks good Justin -- and excited dance around yeah yeah -- and made just don't you know -- -- around the don't know more lawsuits all right it also more news out of -- that -- marriage apparently Chris Humphries is deciding he's going to seek annulment. From Kim Kardashian filed papers on Wednesday seeking to. I know the marriage on the grounds of fraud there is a pre nup -- no kids could be easy they say can all along won in a moment but lawyers advised her against him we'll see what a judge does. But now legally he's trying to make Americans seem like it never existed would probably is having two days is the best move to Atlanta and at least lady got this recipe for -- -- -- simple. Orgasms and spent it's I'm sorry what was that orgasms and spin Giuliani secret from -- -- is liquid stage and -- -- and wherever she doesn't have a man so it -- I just didn't however aren't gas thanks god bless Gerald. He's a good can't take -- -- there.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Kris Humphries wants more than just a divorce from Kim Kardashian.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"15061575","title":"WNN Skinny: Kris vs. Kim","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-kris-kim-15061575"}