WNN Skinny: J Lo's Boy Toy's Toy

Take a look at what Jennifer Lopez got for her new love.
2:49 | 12/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: J Lo's Boy Toy's Toy
It's time for the skinny silence he did you -- is giving up the Hollywood smut spoke of hope and to me more. Hasn't changed her Twitter name in her Twitter name is mrs. Kutcher and -- -- -- because he's got four point three million followers and their like what are you gonna change. Your name it she says it's not a top priority right now. Doesn't really matter you know I think it does matter because perhaps it's dated may -- there's a chance for them to get back to get any. People always do what's in the name what's the name -- -- -- it matters mrs. Kutcher I mean is she going to be mrs. good fishing not. Perhaps there's you know some -- left there. -- pretty much get over that they are more important story about what this country did you -- to Begin the separation process -- -- hate and move it on my head I think definitely there I think there's a Clooney oh and why she hasn't changed and eventually they're mini me. Chance of reconciliation we'll see how does what we know that stadium reconciliation that is what John Edwards is going forward is according to The National Enquirer. He now getting close to prisoners are getting hosting his trial which will take place next year he allegedly used campaign funds to cover up the affair and all this. One now he's asking his mistress real -- with whom he had that love child to move in they -- Move in with him into the same North Carolina home he shared with his like that it doesn't. Animals and they're pulling back -- I'm pulling. -- -- Don't let it you don't -- that mistress that broke up your marriage when you cheated on your wife was dying of cancer into your home with her children. -- don't do it it's. Ballots and now this thinks. Nasty how do you feel there. But when you're with it was and how you think that they think it Nancy stated feeling like I had a child together could be best for the children at least their loved -- -- bring her back into the house has apologized is. How long under that. But apparently he wants the mistress to now move and what -- yesterday -- which he said no but apparently -- they could be. Getting back together. I don't -- you'll. Moving along yes Edward. Another break she's going to sell off the jewels given to her by Marc Anthony most famously eight point five. Balloons carried diamond engagement -- -- -- very very ugly issues like you know I don't want jewels. -- before by the guilt that I got I'm getting rid of them. Really an and that's just taking care report to work. I'm yes proudly she is her new boy toy -- 24 years old is driving -- Bennett -- what we'll read about a dozen hours after his arrest he's been charged I think we wanted for like drag racing stuff like this or whatever so this clearly they rebound relationship for -- love -- I mean this is all about rebounds he's had more rebounds than -- Robin. I think if Casey Anthony part of the Hollywood reporter all remember this moment apparently never give her first TV interview and she wants 750000. Bucks -- get it.

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{"id":15160075,"title":"WNN Skinny: J Lo's Boy Toy's Toy","duration":"2:49","description":"Take a look at what Jennifer Lopez got for her new love.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-jennifer-lopez-boy-toy-15160075","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}