WNN Skinny: Marriage

Wedded bliss might be wearing off for some celebrities.
3:41 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Marriage
Did not brush up on us now there and -- what this study have yet they let -- cities are all with the new -- talk so much the last couple months what Amy Winehouse and her untimely death and avenue the official reason there's a new report out from the corner that -- -- did actually died. Of alcohol poisoning course He battled drugs and alcohol for years had been clean for sometime -- the kind of an abuse -- this point. Was drinking really heavily right before she died apparently her blood alcohol levels. 4%. Gelman US drunk driving limit is point 08 she was appointed for life to her liver about all the -- her body -- five times -- drunk driving limit. In Britain so utilities just before she died July 23 she really -- the -- pretty harbor Eddie -- -- found. In the apartment she's really had went on a kind of a binge drinking free for all more or less and that is what Clinton legacy the family those who. Little relieved that she can be -- -- exactly what happened it's still tragic that all those demons she just couldn't. Overcome that is surprising because she has been so clean for for several weeks they have been very -- exactly. So that is a -- the final word on anyone else. The rare talent and that is kind of winners at. Hoping to some happier news we now know or at least according to in touch magazine whether Beyonce and Jay easier having a boy or girl looks like they're expecting a little girl that they have an insider tells in touch magazine. That she and her mother so close that she wanted to have the relationship with her own child and so she is thrilled she's going to have a little mini me. I can't wait to see the outfits that this little girl will be wearing. I have a real ends up -- all -- the whole lot of -- on all of that gene pool and I -- of the girl. Things -- -- -- -- -- comes out all right -- and more baby news Bruce Willis and his second wife are expecting this is of course. Bruce Willis who is 56 years old and Emma hemming will -- his wife she's 35. -- they're expecting their first child together of course you'll remember that He has three daughters with his first wife. Demi Moore oldest is 23 the youngest seventeen so. You know second second rare second life and now another baby over a woman to combat plagiarism -- and good period but. All may -- -- well in the card that she married stunning president stunning apparently can't -- -- -- according to the latest issue of us weekly reported stands. Tomorrow on Friday. The -- not doing well even after that lavish ten million dollar wedding appellate issue here is that the current -- of course are. Money making you know fame loving peoples -- all the reality show -- in product lines but because of the NBA lockout. He's in New Jersey -- He is not doing anything but he's -- on the court -- -- she's not like imagine much. And so -- -- got to a big fight before her birthday on the 21 and apparently were in the audience Dancing With The Stars recently. And you -- -- icy toward each other not a lot of affection so all may not be well according to sources who have spoken to us weekly so can if you -- -- -- -- and would be happy right. This -- -- of a shot -- black rich she is going countries. -- to release a country album. Go with but -- on the CN decades of course we know that you're a huge fan and a month. Even -- laughing right here hello oh what's the country version of hello. How big. Isn't He long look at phone I don't know what the customers -- anybody's got I'd like ideas and the first country singer like Jerry Carroll have to relax and I liked -- -- -- -- -- good -- thinking of that mustache and -- -- -- like ten mile run and within.

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{"id":14823879,"title":"WNN Skinny: Marriage","duration":"3:41","description":"Wedded bliss might be wearing off for some celebrities.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-marriage-14823879","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}