WNN Skinny: Miley: Did She or Didn't She?

Questions are going around if Miley Cyrus had cosmetic surgery.
3:00 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Miley: Did She or Didn't She?
His side have follow. To the story that we told yesterday about -- -- that fit you know retail giant pulling its ads earlier this week. From the all American Muslim TLC reality series they claim that they pull the ads because it was a business decision. -- as opposed to perhaps yielding to pressure from groups that said they didn't want they they didn't think it was it. Accurate accurate portrayal -- trailer depiction of all American Muslims well. Interestingly enough Russell Simmons is outraged by -- and I think many people certainly are. Russell Simmons tries to buy all the -- time on all American Muslim trying to you know basically put his money. Where is is mouth is apparently he tweets just -- remaining spots for all American. We'll look for next week the show is now sold out keep your money -- and we will keep -- -- it -- sort of calling for a boycott. Of of. Love them and others -- -- a lot of backlash against the company does the idea here's to show Muslim Muslim Americans you know we're. A live a normal American lives -- married that there heritage their -- -- fabric in our society is the -- kind of a lesson -- tolerance and -- and -- about the people who believe the exact opposite and so but now he's stepping up recently got the cash due to. That's Lance right -- -- I think what I hear more from golf course benefit. In much lesser news this morning Miley Cyrus back -- is apparently she was -- -- CNN heroes ceremony. -- more level low cut dress and now people course speculated I'll wait a minute did. This lovely nineteen year old girl had some enhancements let's say because -- actually three plastic surgery experts give an interview star -- and oh yes we can definitely tell that those are not hers that she eventually back and say thank you for the compliment that these babies are all mind. I wish they realize you don't have to be fake. To be beautiful she'll let you decide and. To think it's not that it's -- about her she's too fat. Now she's just getting out that she's a plastic surgeon I think they should just leave us that she's just child's -- kidney problems tiger Phillips I -- Now Chelsea Clinton. Wore out now -- we we she. Is really she's -- -- -- -- welcome. Reception after her much hyped debut as an NBC reported last night she'd been slammed as monochromatic nervous and showing. No charisma may -- question is on rocks and of course. Many people -- just saying you know if it. This -- real journalists get trains -- They work in the trenches and you don't just get this plum job because of your -- in need some training she's just not a real journalist I I feel about. I think it's her first time out of the gate cutters sold some slack he's an accomplished well educated. Young woman trying to -- her -- thing these two huge. Towering -- she had let nothing -- -- -- chant of let's be honest as this is not the first time someone's been hired into the because of their name whether connections are what give him a time to grow in -- -- -- get their sea legs. Chelsea to Greg Carroll letter she's grown up normal letter -- -- well -- a little more lenient here so all of the critics and his -- down -- we all start somewhere you'll get better. Now that she started here and she'll get there don't listen to and do your thing.

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{"id":15150907,"title":"WNN Skinny: Miley: Did She or Didn't She?","duration":"3:00","description":"Questions are going around if Miley Cyrus had cosmetic surgery.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-miley-15150907","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}