WNN Skinny: Oscars

What comment was said that caused the Oscars producer to resign?
4:00 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Oscars
-- -- didn't play Smart let's -- right into it well Nancy Grace and Tristan McManus are going home dancing with the stuff are. She did pretty well considering I don't think -- is the best dancer in the wild but really hasn't staying talent and yet -- -- And it takes a lot to get them there right -- and do something like that she lost weight. Mean you know -- former prosecutor also I mean you know we lawyers -- low buttoned up. It's still not seeing. That was as good for her confidant Paul Patton self netspective coming out that -- right I'll. So a big Oscar news haven't. Emerging this morning Brett Ratner who was supposed to be the young hip. Core producer kind of -- added some spice to the show he -- now quit the show because he got caught up in this -- where he. Kind of used against slower in the midst of talking to reporters went off color against gay men so he put it out there people -- -- -- of the controversy came quickly after he made that comment has -- little Howard Stern kind of talked about explicitly about his. Sex like this video here from up from TMC when he made that comment he's the director -- rush hour he's got a got a Murphy who greeted the host. But now he has -- here issued a public apology Monday just wasn't enough so -- of stepping down on. Tuesday yesterday -- so he is -- an -- we'll see who replaces him but. Kind of what we're -- for the show to take just a few months away from the Oscars why you made peace sorts of bone headed understand -- That I -- does Eddie Murphy still. Is he so that a media owners comment already. Because he was the one -- -- -- -- -- that's right he handed -- guy who -- was the director of the new movie tower -- as well so we'll see -- plays out where does that dumb move so Oscar's little bit of turmoil does. -- -- I'm counselor -- watch out we ultimately on the -- bad news. I still really set my this rapper heavy. 44 arm round -- -- overweight lover who doesn't remember. All of that I just. I just think it's so fantastic. Theme song to living color his big -- now we found lobbies for the Janet Jackson remakes -- assault from. The rhythm nation album all right years ago he was really got and we don't know the cause apparently just kind of collapsed and -- some kind of serious health condition but -- Not overweight lover and I went -- has something to do it this -- he rest in peace having definitely tower. Also controversy even -- show -- leave this morning apparently they didn't episode. -- the first times it was about these high schools losing their virginity both straight couples and a gay couple losing their. For urgent need for the it was an average in the on the show but of course some conservative groups now very very upset about this they didn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- heard this argument a thousand times -- sex. -- -- -- -- Kids are young -- -- apparent. Talk to their children. That -- they're not learning things from television and I knew you would think he would it work that we see things on TV apparently you know -- -- -- we don't think it's unrealistic to think kids in my school are. I admit it and -- to speak to their children not be angry about ten you know television just TV did you personally involved but a hot water -- -- -- plays out I think they're doing the right thing by sticking to their guns. Well also I'm this get me -- -- -- there was nothing about it. You have more -- no -- rock yeah -- 78 pounds after having twins and I really. And so impressed I -- I actually gained seven pounds of my first shot well. Is that -- Missouri since she's lost that's her on the right right now looks great doesn't see it will be in the forty kids yes. Does like to see that she's gotten back in shape also -- on her -- and telegraph over -- live and Regis and Kelly of course regions on his way out the door November 18 his big final show -- Kelly. Whose lovely and from my home state of New Jersey just signed a five year deal says he's going to be -- good -- -- sweetheart and a wonderful job wonderful job Kona I columnist for Newsom and.

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{"id":14912446,"title":"WNN Skinny: Oscars","duration":"4:00","description":"What comment was said that caused the Oscars producer to resign?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-oscars-14912446","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}