WNN Skinny: Past WNN Anchors

Catching up on the former anchors of WNN.
3:00 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Past WNN Anchors
-- had a legendary persons that are left to right here we'll get him just a second at a special. Additionally the -- this morning our twentieth anniversary thing and we tell anyone where all all of 8000 people who say this does what time -- -- -- These days don't give a game where are they now if you will of course you start with the first ever -- -- world news now Aaron brown and Lisa McRee. We're talking with their option out there -- -- you know -- Baghdad -- 92 and they started there were administered together for a year from January 92 to actually a year later January 93. -- now host wide angle on PBS which -- weekly documentary series Lisa meanwhile also proud mama has yet to host a web site ironically called the skinny. Jones others live healthy infant son weight as -- to turn into a book or to a television shows of what they're doing well we wish him luck. Alison Stewart she anchored on this desk for two years from February 2000 to February 2002. And Alice and is currently working for sixty minutes you go girl yeah I was on. Cheating on the SAT. That it doesn't recall it ever happened that -- that contract allison's you know one of the fan I don't the -- -- no doubt that at all NBC's crew here is nothing if you -- you're still in the house juju Chang. So here she's no correspond primarily from nylon and other platforms there on the right in the middle there the beautiful -- showed no local anger here and you are beautiful girl she's here -- -- -- -- Here for -- local New York WABC of course saving your weekend anchor and globe trotting reporter now on the presidential trail and -- Anderson Cooper. We all loved Anderson Cooper he was here heard. AC I don't know who did not -- -- -- didn't get -- okay -- -- January 1999. To August of 2000 almost two years. And of course we know where he is now. -- superstar -- just about everywhere star Anderson you're Amal all of us met. Also Jeremy -- he has -- one of the favorites of all time on the show he's in Denmark backward for a liberal affiliate -- that's right my predecessor -- but -- are happy to tell you. Is take a little bit of time off because she is okay -- I -- eight months pregnant expecting a little boy next yet congratulations and -- And we got a -- -- FaceBook message about this man right here yeah. I'm laughing and alleged -- is now you left here in April up -- -- ABC 31. 31 -- never stick in my friend of his who would've been doing besides hit -- later. -- -- -- -- -- Maybe they -- and that's all it isn't. Certainly a great time Germans though rolling over every now and then when I think what. Yeah is an axis leaders we mission here remission let -- and asked about -- Los Angeles don't think we're happy to have you received is that are even more yeah game. -- --

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{"id":15302375,"title":"WNN Skinny: Past WNN Anchors","duration":"3:00","description":"Catching up on the former anchors of WNN.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-past-wnn-anchors-15302375","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}