WNN Skinny: Regis Says Farewell

Fond memories of Regis Philbin as he signs off for a last time.
3:00 | 11/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: Regis Says Farewell
Welcome back -- back time for the Thursday. In addition there. -- -- -- -- despite all the controversy despite all the people were upset and all the backlash initially saying -- was not gonna do it well Ricky Gervais it is confirmed we'll be back. As the host of the Golden Globe to come on January 15 he'll be back -- be his third term. -- -- time I should take the Helm of the show and of course remember from last year. It caused an uproar at the fence along lot of -- a lot of lot of singers is really tough on celebrities like Mel Gibson Bruce Willis Robert Downey junior. -- get this he tweeted yesterday that. They should be between Sony -- showed clips of that performance from last year road. This is this time Stanton based his legs Astride Canadian -- here to show I'm telling you now you don't like it blank you -- you do like it love you so he's promising to be even worse this time around in January 15. I don't watch me I think everyone that I -- because of how he got 79 people watch last year can be spent after all the hubbub may go up again and it actually would that was what -- About re doing is yet. Well number two. The situation. Now from Jersey -- so it's my situation and ask a self -- yes apparently -- -- about ten million dollar was shot and he is Smart guy and he's totally worked -- They say that guy he just spends and spends and spends like an a -- You have reason he lives even though he's Indian minister apparently was earning -- 100000 dollars per episode -- millions in endorsements and he is. Broke the -- wasn't me like ten million bucks last year off the show appearances all -- seven don't know if -- all on meet the financial advisor -- -- -- -- -- -- -- doing a hundred mergers and sure well. Guess what the bank hasn't situations really. All right sexiest man alive -- -- people magazine's may issue every year we've seen Ryan Reynolds get this George Clooney Brad Pitt Johnny Depp and this year all the lazy all this love this message. Tonight Bradley Cooper as this. And I am naive and that is very humbled a whole thing he says. It's really cool and a guy who doesn't look like a model can have this title. These -- -- -- and I think none of these and the two guys and I'm like look great at a time I -- are -- is in my first thought was my mother's. So -- Kennedy he says he's a single guy despite the rumors that he was a -- for awhile which he was found that apparently spending and he also was Renee Zellweger as -- as well. Congratulations. -- -- -- They've picked the worst picture -- -- -- Yeah yeah. Next year next he'll go next in every way you -- you have to and it. And message in little tidbit here -- new -- up and Hollywood -- -- -- and beyond hooking up with. Ladies and related. You know does he fully Eddie he's had a career and take that thing that I don't know we'll both be right back -- --

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{"id":14979699,"title":"WNN Skinny: Regis Says Farewell","duration":"3:00","description":"Fond memories of Regis Philbin as he signs off for a last time.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-regis-farewell-14979699","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}