WNN Skinny: Most Searched Celebrities

Which celebrity was the subject of most 2011 Internet searches?
3:00 | 11/29/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: Most Searched Celebrities
-- -- -- Said he's actually saw the skinny this morning -- you may have -- this gentleman very funny comment was being on the New York comedy -- here for years Patrice O'Neal. Died in -- very young man -- at the age of a 41 his suffers stroke back in late October. And it was also diabetic and then passed away from complications from that stroke was confirmed. Yesterday. Made him recognize and some of the Comedy Central -- the last when he was in was Charlie sheen's -- that aired back in September but -- -- young guy 41 years old was a frequent guest on the. Opie & Anthony radio show here it was just a really of funny -- young talent. And that that young -- -- -- -- -- wake up -- particularly African American community high blood pressure and diabetes obesity and you know and obesity a big issue they're 41 is way too young to stroke out. Reyes hasn't had -- Twelve People Magazine. Is letting us know from -- -- apparently Bradley Cooper has a new -- and it's not Jennifer Lopez for the moody went down. Well apparently it is beautiful woman Melanie Laurent. In Paris she's she's a French. Stunning actress. We he was seen out with her Monday night now remember he speaks French. Which by the way is very attracted to that -- his sexiness that Halloween I that it couldn't oh my goodness every -- I've seen him give an interview in French. -- -- He wins he wins he Rick -- -- That is how would you feel that this was it hot publishing then had to answer hands in the first and walked out -- -- well. I'm happy with his friends and luckily so -- -- has had a -- little -- commercial -- over the still angry -- we'll get -- little cream or days. The top search celebrities according to being apparently can -- bashing is -- Ed. Justin Bieber apparently for 2011 as the top search celebrity this year -- of course has the paternity issue than -- -- the world tour yet the movie the baby mama drama could be -- that Clinton backers relationship with the slow Selena Gomez made -- -- notable names dropped out of the top ten this year including Sandra Bullock. Jesse James President Obama took a big hit in 2010 is number five now is number 49. Also to people who went off and this year terms -- searches Gomez and Jennifer Lopez you -- do went so just in here though is the king of the search is according to the. Well I love this one very quickly out of LA times -- -- Gretzky -- -- Greg yeah of hot air -- answer Twitter account this is a cautionary tale she's sending racy she was sending racy pictures are -- south but her brand new C band. Sweeps. And a dad stepped it she's twenty years over the -- Stetson and barely shut it down. So so my hat's off to Wayne Gretzky -- at that age still having that parental guidance to tell this is not a good -- when will people learn the whole ride apparently that would meet. That was the only clean picture we -- show on TV apparently is also he's in a business deal and out of my sports teams and -- shutting down for that deal went through it got shut it down dad.

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{"id":15052914,"title":"WNN Skinny: Most Searched Celebrities","duration":"3:00","description":"Which celebrity was the subject of most 2011 Internet searches?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-searched-celebrities-15052914","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}