WNN Skinny: Tom Cruise Relaunch

Which character would Tom Cruise go back and do again?
3:00 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Tom Cruise Relaunch
Time for this -- and -- question Alec Baldwin this couple. Make your favorite -- that we weren't you -- -- just took this story. American Airlines flight attendants now want him placed on the American Airlines no fly list they don't want him. On the flight even more on -- American Airlines flight ever they want it removed and be NBC's hit show 30 Rock from all inflight entertainment. And they basically won him to apologize. So are all of the things that he said for the and also for the doors slamming they are very upset with Alec Baldwin bottom line though is he said he's never fly American again and it. -- does he think he did issue an apology but it was to the passengers not to the airline himself so that they're valor about their demands the apology and things are really is a reasonable want. The rest a little crazy yeah why is the apology wiesel -- -- -- the flight attendant going to apologize to him. For info for enforcing the rule as a part of her job you have had this debate -- -- -- -- of flops not audit of the flight attendant I think I think something happened with but. Unnecessarily or he was rude and us senate in the end going to -- -- it. You valued you'll never singled and Regis drill -- Alec Baldwin thing. Moving on more -- -- quick news this -- as we know we all love hearing about the -- actually engineer rarely Chloe the youngest of the sisters -- -- when he -- You're Zoellick is desperate to have a baby -- she's about to Begin the in vitro fertilization a process she and her husband Lamar Odom whose 32 years old have been married since 09. And -- at a shell out ten to 151000 bucks for treatment -- is expensive stuff and of course Courtney. The other sister is pregnant with her second child -- what we really want to get pregnant to and so. They're trying to. Baby competition. With the current debt sale. If everybody -- -- having a baby fever. But I'm surprised at this marriages lasted this long they truly. Seemed to care about each other and I didn't think -- enemy you know that badly -- and alarming you know rock on yeah Laugh Factory and -- Well this is a favorite story of mind. Tom Cruise. This -- feeling the need for speed again another top gun can you imagine -- my favorite movies of all time member of maverick. Ice man goes the song you love and that love and feeling alone although I do it again. Can't wait I think what we're back to Begin. The excellent all that a fire right into the night and look at Jack what that leather jackets and if you really effective off. The -- also back in the news this morning apparently we know this will -- in the news for years -- 14100 kids he has signed a big time money deal for a new. All -- they -- wed may show talking about parenting fitness diet nutritional content things said the launch later this month making that kind of money streaming from her home every Sunday why I know I.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Which character would Tom Cruise go back and do again?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"15118133","title":"WNN Skinny: Tom Cruise Relaunch","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-tom-cruise-relaunch-15118133"}