WNN Skinny: Tributes to Houston

Aretha Franklin pays tribute to her goddaughter, Whitney Houston.
3:13 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Tributes to Houston
Welcome back everybody you can imagine is still fallout from the death from of Whitney Houston fact. I'm shocked -- continental -- NB -- -- was on piers Morgan show. Last night and -- there -- -- she didn't perform with Whitney reform with Jennifer -- -- during the tribute during the grammys but I think it was a timing issue she couldn't. But what you -- on the show she can't buy things for supporting -- a lot of people had she didn't understand why that Grammy party Clive davis' party. Went on -- Whitney's body still upstairs in the same. Hotel she's she said quote I thought that was complete insanity I don't know what could motivate a person have a party in a building where the person whose life he didn't. Influence so enormously whose life have been affected by her. I don't understand how that party went on execution comes at a prayer federal dinner and and then a left -- of people knew about the deficit route for the party started she doesn't know why it wins. All -- at all. -- And everything Franklin -- Irene her god daughter Whitney Houston tonight a lot of people -- think she's gonna show up for this up private concert in uptown Charlotte. But did they were concerned she was gonna cancel but she told organizers of the castor that there's -- quote nothing like music to comfort the soul while. She performs UCK I will always love you and then when she was describing Whitney she's -- she's kind she's good she's gentle. She's there would be gates swing open I would walk unfair -- -- -- the other day. For her and she walked in but -- you know classy move to have to remember. -- -- how many days after the death. Given that do this big public memorial coming up in -- -- I'll -- panhandle town hall the place to some we have heard the last. Up from her also if you wanna feel all of this morning here's and here's a little tidbit here -- this is it but you know times change -- Begin errors and because a big topic on Twitter after the grammys people tweeting. Who is Paul McCartney. Who's this young English -- that -- that again. People literally this thing trending thing. On Twitter correspondent -- ready to close out the show Sunday night at the famous song and and -- -- there were considerable tweets and who is this guy we don't know of course people. -- beyond offended at a -- who is Paul McCartney remove yourself on this planet now that someone -- anchor one of these. These idiots tweeting with Paul McCartney please leave Twitter in fact leave earth. I've never ever return but you know what folks -- -- projected different generation they're now they don't know the -- they don't know the history so. What I feel holds people don't know who Paul -- Com high and that know your history but I'm sure they know what -- as and a Dallas said that she is done beat a bitter which. She and then yet but no cash no she -- yeah. -- -- -- -- she said he a couple of other expletives she it tells -- that she's finished making break up records calls from what wonderful but of course painted inspired all over album that she said. I am never right eating break -- record again by the way that she's so good. So that's about came from pain from a mid morning coverage at a -- relationship and now Susan -- and that sounds to me a little luck no matter what I did something.

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{"id":15579748,"title":"WNN Skinny: Tributes to Houston","duration":"3:13","description":"Aretha Franklin pays tribute to her goddaughter, Whitney Houston.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-tributes-houston-15579748","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}