WNN Skinny: Wedding Bells for a Star

Which big Hollywood heavyweight is getting engaged?
3:00 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Wedding Bells for a Star
So worked -- -- last that. We -- not connected to so we gave you thank you. Thank you OK my right here is not try to make light out of the situation she and her husband Eric -- stranded in Colorado she asked for prayers because Nick -- As having mild kidney failure she actually. Hosted. This picture of them on her web site. And for something like yeah he's very young and did other speculating that he may have accused of acute kidney kidney failure also known as acute Reno. Failure but she -- -- that really rough on them that some of the -- comments on our FaceBook pages there's nothing mild about thinking yeah. That's serious matter we're there Foreman maintains some of our thoughts and prayers and -- -- -- -- a tough time he's young seemingly healthy guys and that's very strange well. And better news we see a lot of celebrity. Engagements over the holidays coming home happy time because -- the dictionary -- -- -- about that. -- we've seen Michael Jordan he got put the ring -- -- Aretha Franklin yellow rig and now Justin Timberlake apparently is engaged to Jessica reveal -- -- -- according to. Us weekly which will hit stands on Friday apparently propose to her in the mountains of Jackson Wyoming which is kind of fitting because she loves the mountains and snowboarding. Payment often -- several years including a three -- -- back in 2011 she is 29 he is thirty and Justin certainly has. Let's say he made his rounds around some of Hollywood's hottest of hobbies -- he settled down certainly equally beautiful Jessica -- something that's an -- -- you know what you put in Abaxis time and break as opposed to yet. If that -- it. This is this is where it might just be a public city sent -- you don't really understand what he -- his -- in this heat -- posted on Twitter to -- over five million dollars. I don't think I'm gonna live much longer. OK so he's had a bad year with Interscope Records his his company -- What's the word I want here okay -- -- thank you. He's about -- self faith in the team I'm not I have nothing left to say I won't be promoting of my music something people think it's just a publicity stunt to promote street -- which is is an at a -- That I want to do something meetings -- -- right diet he did later posted to be conscious that life is short is not suicidal but. So yeah. The messiah was not enough into the record label and music coming out so to -- little bit of medication he was yelled the US shot nine times and -- so someone looking out for fifty upstairs are good luck. Our last thing here apparently Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony issues -- new young boy toy you just got sentence because he was a street race turning got twelve months probation a 500 dollar fine. And on top event Marc Anthony is now falling and his new love. She is a 24 overall like Venezuela beauty Venezuelan beauty -- -- in our name Hollywood loves and break up -- -- -- both with new hobbies that is truly pathetic twenty years.

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{"id":15293589,"title":"WNN Skinny: Wedding Bells for a Star","duration":"3:00","description":"Which big Hollywood heavyweight is getting engaged? ","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-wedding-bells-star-15293589","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}