WNN Sleep

Expert advice on getting a good night's sleep.
2:43 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for WNN Sleep
Well it didn't take long what I am learning quickly that it is hard to get enough quality and -- on this ship -- that is something millions. Americans also struggle at some of -- insomnia acts are watching us right now we know it's -- -- to find out how you can get the perfect day or night and sleep I met with an expert who -- recognize. Who taught me some easy ways to get some good disease. I don't do you cannot make it's one of life's basic necessities and simplest pleasures. A good -- sleep and these days most of us but but but but just aren't getting enough. Sleep. It's been forgotten perhaps the last decade. But researchers amazing meet Bob Greene a personal trainer and best selling author. Who is shot to fame in recent years through his books and with the help of his low profile friend. Oprah Winfrey -- latest book twenty years younger offers advice on looking and feeling younger and sure enough one of the key ingredients is sleep. It helps -- function younger. -- News -- everything is getting -- and this is essential to our -- but -- our. Hello talk Bob offers some solid tips for quality shot getting seven -- eight hours -- night is ideal take out any unnecessary light and noise from the room. If you're having chronic problems go see a doctor or at least take part in a sleep study to figure out the problem. And Bob says make sure to get a great mattress. Tell me this is what will -- -- She just made a big order. There's tissues and -- that are damaged during the normal course of the -- you from the foods we eat reduced. From you can exercise you need to repair from those -- if you're not getting that deep sleep. -- not repairing truth of course good sleep should go hand in hand with other healthy lifestyle habits like good nutrition. -- -- everybody. Is what you have been out of your. Exercises also said the exercise specialist first morning you sleep better and it's now. And attention new animal lovers bum says that if you really -- some good -- fight -- -- find his own bed some people have pets in. And it's actually mistakes. Clearly not all of us have -- discipline but we can't have his book. And then perhaps a better feeling when that dreaded alarm clock. -- -- -- We don't need -- -- Kellogg look at that and this is Bob's what you're playing -- and it's insane you know it's been a program. -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Expert advice on getting a good night's sleep.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"14855812","title":"WNN Sleep","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-sleep-14855812"}