WNN: Surgery Without Incision

A new surgical procedure uses ultrasound instead of a scalpel.
2:03 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for WNN: Surgery Without Incision
Now -- -- that -- revolutionary medical procedure that we mentioned at the star of the show it involves surgery but with no incisions and surgery that's already changing lives as you're about to see ABC's -- Zach joins us with more good morning Alanna. Good morning Robin Paula can't imagine a world in which surgery took place without a scalpel. A cutting -- new treatment may be revolutionizing the way that we look at medicine. Changing our options in the future and having a profound effect on some people today. Like ten million Americans dot -- -- suffered from essential -- a neurological disorder that causes the body to shake uncontrollably. Hand just like Hanson saying he'd tried to pick something that communities you know just -- -- Me just -- -- -- house says it really would depression. For fifteen years the shaking kept getting worse and the most embarrassing thing. This when you turn around what can you see people looking actually. And you sit -- wondered what they're saying to each other like one of what's wrong with -- You can't he can't happen until she was assured -- the most cutting edge treatment. Brain surgery without a scalpel -- -- not a single cut anyway. I had -- in this side of my hand -- that -- talked about nine to eleven seconds how long did it take for you to recover after brain surgery. I got out right of way and I was able to walk napkin -- nasty and it's just an amazing. Moment as this beautiful. This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Doctor Jeff alliance is an ultrasound surgery pioneer at the University of Virginia. MRI means. Improved precision then an ultrasound means note no incisions and don't -- -- So -- look and it improved outcomes and probably shorter hospitalizations and recovery times. Here's how it works more than a thousand ultrasound waves are sent through the patient's skull like a magnifying glass all the energy is concentrated on the problem area. Leaving the rest of the body untouched. And look at the results before the surgery dot couldn't keep food on -- -- But look at -- now. It stopped it you name -- I can do it. Ultrasound treatment has already been approved for use in five right. And I asked doctor alliance what he thought possibilities would be for expanding its use. He's very optimistic saying that there's possibilities for -- in parkinson's. Epilepsy strokes. Potentially even cancer robbed Paula. I was incredibly. Encouraging news are you -- -- I think we'll be able probably more apt to go to the doctor and get the treatment of the surgery they need who was. You know less painful -- for under the knife. Right I don't I'm never happy here -- a major surgery new sinus surgery really -- think yes and I delivered two babies that. That -- surgery that counts for anything. -- they look like.

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{"id":15427048,"title":"WNN: Surgery Without Incision","duration":"2:03","description":"A new surgical procedure uses ultrasound instead of a scalpel.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-surgery-incision-15427048","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}