WNN: A Technical Valentine

Tech Contributor Andrea Smith gives us some tips for Valentine's Day gifts.
5:08 | 02/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN: A Technical Valentine
Welcome back everybody and can you feel the love in the air we know that most guys like to -- -- gadgets especially the electronic -- but. Buying their sweethearts Valentine gets me. Not so much so what -- -- to could be combined ABC news tech contributor Andrea Smith had some great gift ideas for tech -- that a guy. Might really enjoy giving including. These nifty little -- so before we get to these gloves tell us what we have here and -- Well we've got lots of bad to put all of this tech staff and because you know what carry a lot of stuff and when you start adding an iPad laptop -- tech gadgets. No and yes so this is -- -- well combo backpack what I love about this is it Scott -- -- got. Compartments inside here and -- things you -- laptop. A tablet it's getting easy open. It's comfortable it's got padded shoulder straps and it's packed cool right outside pockets here's you can buy your mobile devices -- water everything in line at all in one place all -- in there and it looks very feminine as well yes. Very -- very very nice yet when you said that we carry a lot of stuff. That's an understatement yeah it is so easy beating. That's another covers and -- -- to hear back attacked. This is the -- is -- back. This is the new -- -- these new things that everybody is talking about. What is an -- booking -- -- everything I wanna be its then it's light. It sexy but it's rectangular you don't want -- -- electing -- -- not so much. This great idea because first -- comes in this great collar and in his eye opening here for you. And we'll show you how incredibly -- that says -- is then. Then it weighs about two pounds in its winning about how to books is quick response to him without getting geeky they have a solid state drive so. You turn it off and when it comes back on it immediately. Immediately goes back to where you were without a big startup time when less than one inch thick at its thickest. -- state I love that these earphones because I'll always borrow my husband's an inevitably they pop out of my. Ears and it cost my ears hurt because you brought up a good point that a woman's ear in carrier's smaller than a -- And yes sir -- are tailored for Altec Lansing has figured out that men and women are different and says they have -- Here. And while lining up. They made these beautiful jewel tone your bags we have these here in the platinum these are -- that covered different flavors but what they've done is they've made smaller drivers. Smaller irritant something really fit comfortably in her ear and -- staying and they sound really good they look really pretty. And that's comfortable to and what do those run about. He's got about fifty dollars OK and then next we have that this is a nice settles. He can as some kind of thing I went out don't think you hold this up that that red case -- -- it I think he can never go wrong with accessories for Valentine's Day. Where you can do it this there was you can personalize it comes with a -- that -- -- and you can put a picture view in your Valentine right in the front. So you personalized it is still an iPad case it holds the -- or the iPad to affect us all that you know that things that you wanted to do and then back. It's where you've made it personal -- my Simon's. Valentine and after he loves that you and I shot a case this is a cute little also accessories this is Michaela clients and you can switch your mobile device -- here but you've also got your credit cards in -- money and then when you wanna go overnight -- it's got this detachable chain credit. -- you glamour couple little bat like that scene. I was actually like that yeah okay and I -- Also this this is from. From goal this is also -- mobile device that you take with you. Put your phone in doesn't matter what -- because they -- fit then we also have all of these overhear anything that screams Valentine's heart if anything that goes on an -- -- owner device perfect for Valentine's Day these are price solaris OK and that we come to the Gladys my favorite part. You've got to keep your Valentine -- these -- any gloves. Unlike the normal gloves. That have just at the tips that you can use these gloves have silver built in throughout. So you what you're doing you can -- that -- active screen of any of these. Using -- -- you're just you're judged or sometimes random right now otherwise -- go flying with ten benders and weather called AG LA gloves. -- she stands for silver. Little periodic table into. And -- tech stuff today that -- -- -- I don't idea very brilliant 88 ABC's Andrea Schmidt for these Valentine's Day gift ideas that -- -- found him. And they look for more details out of -- that -- -- -- today. All you have to do is visit WNN -- and after watching news world news now.

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{"id":15579744,"title":"WNN: A Technical Valentine","duration":"5:08","description":"Tech Contributor Andrea Smith gives us some tips for Valentine's Day gifts.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-technical-valentine-15579744","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}