Tim Laird: That Great Holiday Spread

WNN chef Tim Laird gives the secrets to a great holiday spread.
5:10 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Tim Laird: That Great Holiday Spread
Just be our guest -- service. Next I don't know -- I don't -- Shannon welcome back everybody. If your hosting Thanksgiving dinner or just in charge of bringing a side issue you have no idea what you're gonna do don't worry. Because Tim Laird America's chief entertaining officer and author of the book that's entertaining is here again to help us -- welcome back -- always good to see -- They got my lovely hat I gotta say rob you're spending this day -- for a Thanksgiving dinner back. The mood -- I didn't know how hard that we -- our favorite -- you talk about that I talked about that it -- -- Thanksgiving -- food excellent people want to eat and I've always -- why we love you brought another feast or we have some fun things and actually to get our spirits raised up and start with a fund -- that's what I call that Jack's maple knocking not martini really easy to make. In -- -- -- -- start out with about one half ounces of Jack Daniel's Tennessee honey that's on this date all of us look when he makes a good I -- this a couple of the months ago and it has honey maple flavors but -- just love that anyway. To that. I'll and a half project Tennessee honey about a half ounce of maple syrup and it does a nice little maple a little bit as we can't -- -- -- evidence. In that little hazelnut about a half ounce and he's not -- goes in there. But -- and we're and give us a -- -- that what I did was with my martini glass rob I'd be actually. Did did in -- song and then and crushed. Later with a cocktail your brilliant -- telling my friend I love this -- others so wonderful -- I know you've got some work to do rob so I actually majors I'll call three without the Jackman as the bodies no fundamental right. But only do so after work you can -- -- -- say you don't got -- free personal allowance apple -- little maples are there -- happy Thanksgiving ceilinged room. -- that is good salt. I also thank you sir well delicious. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's talk about Thanksgiving -- -- I have -- secret ingredient with each side of the take traditional side up to -- whole another level holding you didn't really -- up the gas RS -- -- -- all right stopping have to be part of the Thanksgiving dinner but I'll tell you what when you make a from the box of scratch or whatever your recipe is that's great guy but. Substitute the water or the chicken broth for apple cider well all right judge desist making good because apple cider -- -- -- other flavors and your stopping -- they'd just you know together. Apple insiders that -- one -- is not an ingredient that's the secret good tip. All right got to have a of the cranberry sauce is well monster must have an adult lite rock -- still might make -- -- -- it's going -- thing is that I don't white -- has cranberry sauce is so easy basically in a saucepan. Three cups of cranberries -- and -- one cup. Sugar boom that -- in half a couple water now here's my secret ingredient. Half cup. I'm Sean board black raspberry -- -- that goes in that is -- zero height on August that easy to put them on the stove. Bring -- to a boil. You take -- all the up -- -- it -- away and you're left with that black raspberry -- and though and that's we have this really wonderful raspberry cranberry grape flavor so it really is no point do you gotta get a grant Medicaid because this is so easy how -- that was bonuses and three ingredients done and it looks great and he's even better you now I gotta tell people they always were raving about. This -- -- had gotten what did you tell us what you go this week that there is this is it you know everybody has to have some. On sweet potatoes and musical at a little bit of butter may be a little bit of maple syrup in their funerals we journalists puts some cons -- wallets whatever -- is whatever your recipe is that's great now. Here's the once secret ingredient it's an example -- other level. Basically when you're ready to serve sprinkled with this little Chinese five spice it's an incredible -- -- mills that like the holidays the holidays. QB you have not -- Narasimha man a little cloves harmonies all of those flavors you sprinkle over the potatoes and -- -- -- -- -- up. And do what's best and most Hershey -- is right almost distortions. -- you can find Chinese vice vice kicking up with that beautiful people love it -- and the top again is standard. Just little Strickland -- there on the concert. But everyone in -- -- and another rule here is don't let people leave empty hand and make a little running back up here is a great gift idea basically a little -- and -- with a recipe -- on the side so in your guests can take that home. Makes a little chestnuts perfect for your holidays have some fun and that -- when it's all about I love when you come to -- -- had gotten up. -- -- so well we have the strings in the foot decides everything is great. Happy things in my happy Thanksgiving God's greatest he has always. And again -- -- America's chief entertaining officer and the author of the book that is entertaining thing -- always for joining us and feeding us so well. I didn't -- recipes more on W and advanced dot com have a great Thanksgiving everybody -- check -- -- FaceBook fan page for all these tips they're online we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"WNN chef Tim Laird gives the secrets to a great holiday spread.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"15013439","title":"Tim Laird: That Great Holiday Spread","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-tim-laird-great-holiday-spread-15013439"}