WNN: Top Gadgets for the Holidays

ABC's Tech Contributor Andrea Smith shows this year's top gadgets.
4:53 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN: Top Gadgets for the Holidays
Should be playing in the clintons. I'm not be an anonymous. Welcome back everybody -- before you know the -- of course will be here so why not get started early get all the shopping out of the way join me with some tech toys that will be at the top of every kids' wish -- this season. Is ABC news technology contributor Andrea Smith welcome back -- good to have you here this morning some very -- -- -- your video games is our again yeah yet very call. So music -- here tells operates under the stuff that's the problem that's a problem. And so we have games for six year -- because when Microsoft can now with the Kinect sensor for the Xbox-360. Last year it opened up. A whole new opportunity for young kids to play with a 360 -- so now we have this connect to Moleskine. Really fun game where you're playing with animals are playing with bears just exploring an island. But as most parents -- you can't -- get to the mall without going to -- Build-A-Bear workshop usually popular. So now kids can get their -- personalize it do whatever they want and then they take the bar code on the -- Scan it into the connect using the connect sensor. And the -- becomes a playable character in their video -- -- -- mention was cool about this student gives kids a chance to exercise which is nice you know -- had a shake -- move about the cats because the connect. Is the conjure the controller and -- -- -- whole body which is what's great about this Sesame Street once upon a monster you're not sitting there. Watching TV -- are moving. You are playing catch with Grover you are. Flapping -- wings and pretending to fly and you are moving the great thing about this game is it really encourages two kids to play together. But they understand the kids' attention spans are really -- -- kids can come in and out of the game -- a partner. Without I have an official level which is a huge deal that has that is that's a great -- love grew over and again -- -- here. My favorite yeah. Holding -- category of gaming called. -- mates this -- by Disney at mates. Now you know many parents are a little leery about handing there -- -- to their kids but they do it anyway -- Whether or not I would let somebody use -- car my iPad you get I don't individual call an idea that this is that car and based on cars to. And it has a special sensor underneath and what it does is it can be read by the game it turns iPad into a virtual plane -- Only now and so it picks up and it knows what car I'm not trying very well but it knows what car. It is driving and as his attitude and is currently don't you let your car -- it lets you can be a back seat driver is where I think the lonely from the hot wheels aren't used to when I'm home I'm guys in the story and is essential on the continent who. I'm about and it's not scratching your iPad it obvious answers right here on the bottom and it's very very safe I have to say -- cool. Mother approved now the other thing have to say about the idea that aren't the answer I have bad a hard time playing because you know -- I don't lose my I can't. We do that Johnston -- -- -- lose my different field I was too is he really is not the same as you know. Tactile feeling you lose your sweet spot so this is made by Logitech it's -- special joystick it has to suction cups -- and you put it right. Over the joystick on her iPad. Yeah you can go left and right here without thinking about wearing -- elected -- yeah I'm -- -- you can see this you can move left and right with that think that it's that you can use one -- you shouldn't really concentrating. About it and Leon and -- I'm -- -- unbelievable -- means everybody loves that the he's gotten into this sky -- is this another unique game because yes you've got the video game and it's -- popular game. But the game comes with characters from the game it comes with his portal of power -- from the game. When you put the character on the portal of power. That character enters the video game I -- this whole the whole -- proposals and we talked about over the internally. -- enters the -- so that you can take this over to a friend's house and put your character and they've got their character and have these two are in the game together. The world has come a long way since we were kids this is completely individual isn't really I've had a car censor this -- -- -- you know from your real life into the game incredible a whole new virtual world and indeed in good list for the holidays to her thanks as always -- we appreciate that. And as he got information on these products that you just showed -- just check out our -- -- -- WNN says dot com thanks eventually back and more. World news now right after this.

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{"id":15143090,"title":"WNN: Top Gadgets for the Holidays","duration":"4:53","description":"ABC's Tech Contributor Andrea Smith shows this year's top gadgets.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-top-gadgets-holidays-15143090","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}