WNN: Toy Insider Mom

A preview of the hottest toys from the New York Toy Show.
4:50 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for WNN: Toy Insider Mom
Welcome back to world is now everybody a big event here in New York this week it's the annual American international toy -- and since it's the toy industry's. Biggest showcase of the year we brought an hour throwing in -- -- here she is Laurie Shaq to give us the insides of glory. Thanks so much for -- -- -- -- see some of these new toys that are out there maybe get some for my kids. Well they're -- they're and the most apartment let's talk about on some of that really the biggest trend going on and how technology my light and toys are coming together so claim this is. Part of a line cook at here. They're playing with -- fighters I'm blowing things up and what we're seeing physical toys that work with tablets with Smartphones. And you're having a great time doing this certainly -- ship. The OK drop -- -- on it right -- having fun and the planes actually did fly. Well it's really cool so really a big trend. We're seeing this everywhere all kinds of ways and it's making it work and you don't like for ever like Newington yes do we have to go under the I expect I just what a blow something up and began to show blogger -- dopamine -- up. I couldn't get it back to we come back to -- weekend event if you can't get cell. Without Chris Wallace back -- -- let into this mess is out where -- -- -- and the data I sent it to not let the city light and I don't think it all -- and they re not. So my answer is another big theme we're seeing this year is a monster beats. You -- not they can -- -- what you really cute also is the hinging on the news this is times -- like -- shiny package. And I -- -- him around when you put this against the package you see the different characters they actually come -- -- and if you touch and -- jump. Well OK so -- -- down of this ascent and yeah I mean yes OK just -- out of the wind out. Health and in this one lower we can actually capture what's in here. On your phone to live action street new it is even political ambition was he kidnapped and -- cell where he can't because not we just did -- -- we can't cool and I damn old pattern nail bed I'll pass it is really here. Really fun there -- chimes but Natalie they stick finance but they have a little -- on -- -- theory couldn't Harry don't know if these -- So grown up. And slap you like Winamp everybody. I nice them to keep you got to -- the -- is my nails the -- about this is a sneak -- it back to school OK right regular backpack and those sport basketball. Backpack but what this does decides to books and -- and -- trip -- by the way is that apple does asked. We have the basketball don't think you should know I think you know -- -- boxing it could be playing basketball here so -- -- you yes and I. Com -- functional got sick to take this new big fashion all of ducked out we can -- who have not I used to play right -- now somebody that is taking Olivia and it galleries. Tears easily. And glasses I think you try these on before you -- mark you like things until analysts say it was a hot is that it just comes with a silly and I'm always looking -- that talent that you actually decorate the best of decorating the create it just what difference is really really really you really cool I like that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just says it was called sky landings continues Scott Sanders and this is the portable power. He put his time. Think Jeff into in the -- you know right video game and place tonight. Hard to get kids aren't looking -- despite having knew points to collect this here. In the full well he was seen giants while the kids have to -- our next really awesome. So look for those really exciting. And it just keep order when that is small -- this -- I don't think you don't have to stop once they get to Winston they still -- -- -- do it any -- so I don't know if you can see. You can let -- tell -- the wheels on this that's -- I don't -- this -- Danielle. On the grants -- the -- All terrain -- our helmets del aware -- -- exactly I want all of this. Well below the idea that this is starting Wednesday some -- the spraying and then the rest of the wonderful and I can I keep in camps you can explain the glasses yet. All right everybody thanks to our toy mom Laurie Shaq you can look up to each other information about these toys these nails these classes all the stuff. On our FaceBook fan page WN and -- after watching world news now. Yeah I like my mind you can we go back to.

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{"id":15625976,"title":"WNN: Toy Insider Mom","duration":"4:50","description":"A preview of the hottest toys from the New York Toy Show.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-toy-insider-mom-15625976","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}