WNN: Travel Tips for the Holidays

What are some helpful hints for traveling during the holiday season?
2:44 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for WNN: Travel Tips for the Holidays
Welcome back everyone well with the holidays coming up that means buying -- having relatives over and doing a lot of cooking. It's really enough distress -- he went out so if you're looking for some last minute travel deals to escape -- all. Maybe we can help. Joining me now -- travel -- of these contributing editor Melissa requirements thanks for being here Melissa and welcome to the world news now first class clowns yeah. Linehan stay comfortable. Q well I know that you have some tips for us and -- one of my questions is that a lot of people go home for the holidays and travel home to visit their family. But my understanding from speaking with you is that some people take that opportunity to get away from their families and get away. Some angles of principles if you're flexible and you don't have to go to your family it's a great time to take advantage. Discounted and -- -- and travel packages to places like the Korea Begin to the West Coast and so if you want some sun now's a good time to try it out if you can get a -- Well I know that airline fares have gone up about 6% is there and -- are there any hotels that are trying to make up the difference for travelers. Yes actually hotels are. Trying to get travelers and so -- are offering all sorts of incentives like free nights and free breakfast and free parking. The chats up two you know substantial savings sometimes. We'll give us some tips that every traveler should now. Because these -- start -- -- being flexible. From being flexible equal savings flexibility -- savings of being flexible with days you fly. Use the flexible deep defined her high and travelocity when you're going three days before three days after the boy this Sunday -- Sundays are really expensive. Everybody's -- back that -- and be back Monday if he can. And also be flexible airports that use in New York there's three major airports but there's also we are talking about west -- air it's right. And you might find substantial savings because might have other airlines you could look at more flights to choose from since those are all great so we have to remember that at fort we have to remember to be flexible. -- find out 600 thanks to travelocity is Melissa requirement for joining us here on world news now appreciating and how to. After.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"What are some helpful hints for traveling during the holiday season?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"15062788","title":"WNN: Travel Tips for the Holidays","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-travel-tips-holidays-15062788"}