WNN Wedding

Rob Nelson tells the unique story of one couple's adventurous proposal.
3:45 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for WNN Wedding
We're about to meet and have -- rather unique couple they met in college after years of dating finally tied the -- from the very beginning not much in their relationship was by the book so when we went looking for some extreme wedding proposals. This star in this story definitely caught our. The search for -- -- and -- challenge started back in February we sifted through hundreds of submissions to find the perfect proposal he -- streak but. -- -- Heilman Rowe fell hard for a girl he met at Southern Illinois University Liz Nowitzki would really Germany -- it was she always was going to do anything. Instead of dinner and a movie for their first date Kyle took -- Liz -- -- -- -- This was just the beginning of an adventurous relationship and on May 21 we -- Kyle's extreme proposal go from I wish I do. In his letter to us he wanted to propose to -- after jumping from 151000. Feet. It has been four years since we were supposed to go skydiving and we still haven't gone. I'm sure that your staff has received several proposals that include skydiving but this adventure was significant in our relationship. I think after five years was won't care how I ask -- as long as I ask and finally ready to propose. It was -- home leap of faith. Finally make the next jump in our relationship but it was successful. When I met him. It yeah. Making Liz and Kyle Howard -- -- really look -- You deserve nothing less than an extreme sky -- wedding a jump so be -- It would include the entire bridal party and the minister. And on this beautiful fall day listen Kyle prepare to take the biggest jump of their lives. But just moments before making the biggest commitment of their lives behind -- kept them grounded. If they -- not a white wedding. -- -- You promise to love her. Comfort her honor and keep as long as you both shall live it's -- hands right do. Idea -- could -- -- Kyle to be my husband and my husband -- happen to hold to have and to hold from this state for weight. She just loser veil gets those wins were pretty strong. In a special court ceremony that -- intertwined to rip -- from their parachutes as a symbol of love. And then -- the moment everyone had been waiting for you are now husband. And -- Kyle you may kiss your bride. Couldn't pick a couple partied the night -- And the next morning a picture perfect day for a -- the newlyweds jumped into their customs sky dive suits. Special occasion that -- angles is the. Great way to. Celebrated. -- -- -- news marriage and from 151000 feet in the air they jumped. From the wings of -- -- couple dozen. It differently. I don't know where they went on their honeymoon asked her all that you can talk about -- That's bad example.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Rob Nelson tells the unique story of one couple's adventurous proposal. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"14879197","title":"WNN Wedding","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-wedding-14879197"}