WNN's 20th Birthday

ABC News President Ben Sherwood marks the anniversary on set.
3:00 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for WNN's 20th Birthday
And like human that was grab your attention I'm -- and -- want to say hello and happy to when are -- to world news now from -- Texas television battling fact that we think below the year interchangeable female anchor but honestly we have no idea and would be sitting next -- right now -- sorry. But here is to another twenty years of world news now filled with many more insomnia including when I'm cooking up right now have. And welcome back everybody as you know we are celebrating our big twentieth anniversary today as we figure. This is a perfect time to bring -- the big boss the president of ABC news venture would help us mark this great milestone in the history of -- so -- thank you so much for being here we appreciated. Pleasure to be here. I gotta ask have always been curious about this you know you're busy guy -- run the whole news division here how often do you really catch are crazy little. Overnight show. Light note that you would like the answer to be that I don't -- very often -- jobs during May in fact I know that many of your colleagues like to think that we can do -- -- -- has no one's awake but here's a little secret cracked. I have a sixteen month old son. And that's sixteen month old son. Has -- watching. At all hours of the quiet night in fact that two young boys and ever since my time -- Good Morning America I've been a devoted watcher of the program a devoted watcher of its informality and I'm very happy to celebrate its twentieth anniversary. You know there was some talk about. Whether the show was even still on the air but I can report emphatically that ABC news is all on the air. In the middle of the night. -- up security -- like to hear that he didn't know the boss is watching Qaeda actually. It has been an amazing twenty -- evolution for the show you think about we started out there wasn't said. We had just a very few number of commercials it has turned into quite an enterprise since 1990 -- You know. In solidarity with you -- -- in solidarity with your colleagues on the air I chose not to Wear a tie today. -- -- we are getting. Believe in the informality of this program it is. Not only been the night watchman for our organization. On breaking news stories around the world. But it's also launched the careers of a bunch -- very special people -- ABC news David Muir began here. Juju Chang began here -- -- -- our sister station was here. Hey even the anchor of prime time program on CNN Anderson Cooper never heard of -- in the new guy. So this is so this is a great place for the once and future stars of ABC news. To do their thing -- you connect with the audience and tell stories in -- usual land. -- -- it's absolutely and I like that phrase might watch that's the kind of movies we see ourselves here is way too in the last twenty years help. Drastically the news climate has changed is if you look at the news from so many different places -- the folks -- have imagined back. In 92 how important is is it for us to have that overnight live. Presence here at -- It's critical to have an overnight presents I mean now remember. The origins of this esteemed show. Must be remembered properly yes remember that the first big story covered. Was President Bush and vomiting at a state dinner in Japan at. -- news big news in from that important breaking news comes all kinds of breaking news from the capture of sour theory. To the Occupy Wall Street protests to the tsunami to the Joplin tornadoes. You know -- news breaking in the middle of the night ABC in his place to get it and I'm very proud of what Alison Irvin and the entire team here have been doing. And your hard work it really shows we count on it and we count on it giving that flow into Good Morning America in the morning. And all through the day we kind of get a jumpstart on the day -- -- and that's -- everyone here like you referenced a second ago. This is kind of -- zany show really get a little wacky here -- do some things you would not normally -- on network. TV show here and we Rico like that a reference is kind of our trademark how importance of -- Kind of be a little bit different a little bit out there especially at 23 -- more look I think that the audience the -- -- region. At 2:3 o'clock in the morning -- new dads like you didn't spread audience is looking for something a little bit different so I think that that and that informality. Really works now remember. And economics of this business it's changed a lot you know remember your first three sponsors they only had three sponsors were global pain. Subway sandwiches and gold bond and I'm told that everybody around here had all three of those commercial I believe that committed to memory. But now this is an important part of our enterprise -- -- news and I am I'm really happy to celebrate twenty years and I think that there's very bright future for this program. Overlooked is -- or loyal fans out there we have a cult following tell. On Twitter you can tell FaceBook emails that we get people -- watching the show for years for one reason or another what would like those folks to know or understand receipt from directly from. The big boss man and on this birthday -- -- hours I've got your message except we're grateful -- -- extremely grateful. Bad. Tune -- at 7 AM for Good Morning America. It's 634 world news -- also at 1135 for -- -- lot of great programs heroes into the partner but we took over as president that has show. Turns twenty years old everyone else that gets 20% raise I want to thank you for that publicly on the air we really appreciate that thank you so much was -- -- what -- helping the report. Expected that threatens to it -- And well -- yeah well acting well played sir well over it rob well planted at. -- ulcers are thank you so much of it we appreciate the good wishes and for all of the the support we get from -- we're here to kind of do -- crazy little show here's here's to another -- Houston upon excellent thanks from.

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{"id":15302373,"title":"WNN's 20th Birthday","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News President Ben Sherwood marks the anniversary on set.","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-ben-sherwood-interview-15302373","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}