Papers: Breast Excuse at DUI Stop

Florida woman blames large breasts on her inability to walk a straight line.
2:55 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for Papers: Breast Excuse at DUI Stop
World news now delivers your morning patrons. Lots of us up to talk about today the story out of the Miami Herald here -- -- home from Florida woman was arrested for -- you know nothing. Too uncommon unfortunately which he -- -- -- -- -- -- officer it's not really my -- that's because of my big -- they keep me. They keep me. Imbalance can remind -- -- the slurred speech glassy eyes. She'd kind of pop up park leaving room with a cop that stopped her in all of this so he -- the -- -- to walk a straight line. She then began to advance and the try to take her clothes off to show the top. This big and heavy admitted that they were led to justify why double the reasons you -- you were wrong about that because she was the top heavy than a -- quiet. Now that it is -- that's what he's got to. The rest. Not. Yeah. I -- go. And then her anyway that Israel might surprise a lot of people -- accord -- that the most miserable city to live in an America what do you think. That's my -- yeah me get Anaheim. Yeah it's not really because of that. Housing prices the violent crime and the lengthy daily commutes in Miami is the worst look at that -- beat out Detroit and -- Michigan has the worst city to live in West Palm Beach comes up of reports Sacramento. Number five and I think in the nation's economic tough -- -- -- city -- -- Detroit algae comes to mind that though I've been in Miami that -- battle often leave. From South Beach ocean drive area but that's what that's -- -- what they -- moved up later moved to Miami. No offense our viewers in Flint -- Miami seemed like that's a weird -- -- -- yeah all right this story -- some conversation I'm fascinated by the story. Binghamton university and the good folks at match dot com did a survey in these are the findings -- apparently Republicans. Are more likely than Democrats to achieve orgasm during sex however Democrats -- or having sex more. Frequently and Republicans you know Elvis god knows what kind of research team was dispatched to look into this stuff but apparently Liberal Democrats place more importance on sense of humor. Independence -- considered equal -- have a similar lifestyle Republicans seem to value some of the same background and political party. And more consolidating someone who they see where -- -- relationship ending in marriage so. I just liked to have -- I understand why can be -- -- -- yes. I thought I -- Well speaking of romance. Valentine's Day is coming up would talk about all the things that come in chocolate chocolate -- -- at this. Chocolate and -- well it turns out. That there is a Kansas City brewery the boulevard brewing company that. Started last year at -- up with a local talk figured it was -- here. People wait in line for hours they -- -- three minutes apparently wow no kidding me. We'll have a few of those -- by -- somewhat undemocratic.

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{"id":15520844,"title":"Papers: Breast Excuse at DUI Stop","duration":"2:55","description":"Florida woman blames large breasts on her inability to walk a straight line.","url":"/WNN/video/woman-uses-breasts-as-excuse-at-dui-stop-15520844","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}