Women Avoid the Gym Because of Hair

A study finds that 40 percent of woman won?t go to the gym because of their hairdo.
2:56 | 12/19/12

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Transcript for Women Avoid the Gym Because of Hair
When outside for the mix and you know that I love this story because it is dear. To me extremely. Apparently two out of five women admitted they often avoid going to the gym so they do not mess up their hairdos. That is right -- -- study of women of North Carolina revealed 40% admitted to avoiding exercise. Because they didn't want to ruin that they're Jews and the research leader is doctor a mimicked Michael from Wake Forest University. And I struggle with that I go to -- cycle it's just everything sweaty and I even just ordered I'm Nicole Ari Parker is saved my doom. Think from an infomercial so there's a product called save my save might do so that you can work out and try to save your do. This game I do. Yes that's that's because it's so we'll -- issue that the doctors is that they took to the gym and you -- that are didn't work. I don't know -- And according to news reports 75. The US government recommends a 115 minutes of exercise for women and one in four admitted look I can't do any exercise at all because I've got to save my do. Ladies you know -- that's the NBA's. That's ridiculous. Zero that night when it'll ever. -- -- -- -- -- the that is true sad news. The good news here we reported a few days ago on the show that the we had a new. World's oldest woman at a 115. Her name was Dina. -- she passed away on on Monday she had a fever. And -- according to one of her relish her granddaughter told us that. And she just got the title world's oldest living person less than two weeks who -- fortunately she is no longer with -- look. 116. Years old and now a Japanese man. In light of her death has become the world's oldest person he is a 115 years old germano -- -- -- Is now the world's oldest fourteen grams 25 great grandchildren thirteen great great grand children. He is now. The world's oldest. You and happy he -- average everyday -- a gift to get a 150 -- to live that long. But at it has a name how you're in the head is in your and your -- do that boy did I can't do that so well 150 and he he struck him. And Clinton grad who finally. Outrage. There's a magazine. The colts candy it's the world's first transsexual magazine and it's using a transgender model to pose as Michelle Obama and take a little picture I mean I think it's actually very flattering. You know the big guns there I'm Michelle Obama's guns and -- I think it it looks like the show. Clearly we're supposed to -- us about the say you shouldn't have been the First Lady who you gonna do. I love America.

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{"id":18012980,"title":"Women Avoid the Gym Because of Hair","duration":"2:56","description":"A study finds that 40 percent of woman won?t go to the gym because of their hairdo.","url":"/WNN/video/women-avoid-gym-hair-18012980","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}