Women Are Outdrinking Men

According to a study college, women can drink their male counterparts under the table.
2:58 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for Women Are Outdrinking Men
-- -- -- Everybody perfect that's why I -- that critics. Only college women are out drinking -- college -- really. If you can believe anything you have something to do with how many recommended -- a -- should have as opposed to how many recommended during -- -- -- -- OK so -- -- the national institute of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Said that women should adhere to a seven drink weekly minute Bob. W wanted to -- don't drink every day like you -- -- -- for Friday and Friday only have seven Jang yup well they recorded a bunch of women at a bunch of men and they came up with a study that determined that 65% of freshman -- Winning in the US -- surpass. Passing this we just think it it just -- They also realize that a little -- that 60% of -- -- exceeding their recommended limit of fourteen drinks a week some -- girls there. Outpacing frat -- -- Really not feeling when our kids that recommended amount for women -- seven drink the recommended amount -- -- -- fourteen drinks a whole -- -- -- -- -- your but I. Have to do with factoring into why this is happening also -- is probably as important an interesting part of this study. Women -- reported no signs of slowing down over the course of the academic school year while men. Did that mean switching to administer the remains -- Instead -- that if he had sat back and needed help with everything -- -- Talk about. For states -- the worst place to bring somebody up for state according new study restaurant. Hard to believe I think this guy's right I've always thought that it's confiding in the guy says the research that he's done is it's not expressive you know talking with your hands up movement around the -- He says if you can -- -- -- the ball and lounge but don't take somebody -- restaurant first day as either you just too formal. There's no way to move and you can't express yourself needs has just makes -- -- step. And -- -- always thought that -- restaurants are just. Deadly you know it's hard to think what else to do what someone that you're gonna just getting to know what they'd only get so luckily at the -- -- but -- don't sit at a -- people like you know like. I keep doing or saying I would like the feeling am president I'm Barbara state what at a restaurant that we spent the next five hours walking the New York City -- slightly from. And I think I think that was like the little bit of success that we have there never let up. Okay this is my favorite story for you today at a pace of all of -- on interest where they had picture perfect. But out of project that they're working on right whether they're doing okay -- some kind of crap anyway. There's a new book called the atrocity and this speaks to every woman out there what I think -- -- here a couple of pictures. What they did what. This is what the miracle that is trying to -- -- -- right Sunday they put this picture this might do it yourself project love this idea that here's what it -- That's what people who came up -- -- critical graduation -- right here thinking Eyewitness News. Yeah. Yeah. Mom --

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{"id":19268848,"title":"Women Are Outdrinking Men","duration":"2:58","description":"According to a study college, women can drink their male counterparts under the table.","url":"/WNN/video/women-outdrinking-men-19268848","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}