Working From Home Sparks Debate

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer changes work policy and ends telecommuting on June 1st.
3:15 | 02/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Working From Home Sparks Debate
Video on Yahoo! has ordered employees to shell out to the office every day and that's a big change for the company which had had flexible. We'll work from home option -- and that was nice to me well that announcement has sparked a lot of debate. -- ABC's Lindsay Janice reports now on the controversy. 37 year old Marissa Mayer has been a controversial figure since taking the Helm at Yahoo! last year. On the day she accepted the -- she announced she was pregnant she then made headlines again by taking only two weeks maternity leaves. And now another firestorm. No more working from home. Yahoo! employees were sent a memo requiring them to report to the office starting June 1. It read. To become the absolute best place to work communication and collaboration will be important so we need to be working side by side. Mayor's move lit up the Internet with even CEOs weighing in Richard Branson treated it gives people the freedom of where to work and they will excel. And Tina Brown of the Daily -- said cheers for Marissa Mayer for making staff show up at the office. Almost 10% of Americans work from home at least one day a week and more men than women do it it worked beautifully. -- -- -- -- Like clockwork Michelle -- -- and is a mother of three who lives 45 minutes from the office and says she is most productive -- working from home. It was -- opening question where was last November she went through what Yahoo! employees will soon experience. Her company said she had to return to the office five days a week. I feel a lot more stress to sometimes my -- not there because I'm thinking about my gonna get a phone call that somebody stake in you know I'm 45 minutes an hour away -- -- in thinks telecommuting actually helps her and -- many others be better employees. When we contacted Yahoo! for commented that this is not a broad industry view about working from home. It's about what's right for Yahoo! right now. And he Janet ABC news New York. I. Read if you name it yeah me because I gotta be and who did -- -- in my. And here they are going to be here to read that brings us to -- face the question of the death. We want to know where are you most productive log -- -- -- FaceBook page at WNN fans dot com to weigh in thank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in the polls and were people can take advantage of it and I I think everyone's together builds teamwork and morale that familial atmosphere that people I think. Like to have -- strive to have it work everyone's at home it just seems a little disjointed and you never know who's really doing what can win not a lot of balls I would like. That and yeah. I can see that I do have a very good friend of mine who had -- she's independent her line of work allows her to work from home there's no reason to be in the opposite -- can spend time with her infant child. If you haven't job that lets you do it less -- I'm all for it I have to be here right make. Yeah people don't have to be there what are you doing their writing blogs and stories in the I don't -- well that's just my thing.

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{"id":18605155,"title":"Working From Home Sparks Debate","duration":"3:15","description":"Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer changes work policy and ends telecommuting on June 1st.","url":"/WNN/video/working-home-sparks-debate-18605155","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}