Workout Routine Inspired by Childhood Gym Class

Fitness class incorporates old-school games such as dodgeball and capture-the-flag into a high-energy workout.
3:27 | 08/27/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Workout Routine Inspired by Childhood Gym Class
Staying in shape to be hard work which is why keeping fitness fun has always been important. But what happens when the work that is not made entirely was made entirely to a game with a stop debt reducing pop quizzes. To their favorite activities ABC Mickey Batiste finds out. Imagine rocking out to eighties music and early teenage mutant ninja turtle nerve well all while blasting 600 calories and tone in your tummy. Pat can happen here at throwback fitness. 45 minute gym class inspired workout and the rebirth of your youth. A throwback to the playground the class combines dodge ball and capture the flag. For peace spots and sit ups during the stole to inducing visas called. His Ed and recess. Where I'd be crying for help I think is that you'll find it more difficult part class and at recess will be. Pretty much as a sound I love this that in recent. Comment at cylinder -- that they think in gym teacher. Get this is exactly don't gone for whom founders Brian Gallagher and Ryan Wilkie ditched their Wall Street jobs to start this old school fitness phenomenon. Their idea have so much fun you forget you're even though he now we try to distract you from the fact that working out by using these games. Even a nod to those whole lives. Dorm Daze fitness via live. How does flip cup become more work out it's a race to do exercises against another team kind of insane commissioning. And no alcohol and Obama let me we have done some glasses live and look up enough confidence and we haven't you. This is good early then audience human fear Waller county. The warm up involves high school hip hop trivia come replace Tom you have suggested they came out in the ninety's. For the 2000. Yeah and you're honey. Next your partnered up for sixteen minutes of metabolism revving. These Ed going to be partnered with someone all of our phones like wind and if that was you think you're the champion here very competitive and I couldn't get his name zero. Never at a park. Not great but there's a healthy dose of camaraderie and competition. You've got literally five meters apart hot. 5 o'clock this back to elementary school recess comes next. Now or in teens named after her favorite childhood rapper LL cool today. During this World Cup inspired game were firing those snarling ninja turtle bottles at a gold. But only after earning your shock total honesty had an idea. That awesome growing form of grant. I think even scored forward. I thought it was found a lot of points and found nothing like killing calories with some how about and a look at thank you coming back. Hickey Batiste ABC news New York. Not orally. Well I'm Donna Nikki I wonder that flip cup thing Antony beard that you're not house of pro rated explain the real deal flip cup lead apparently they don't use alcohol. This is a different versions. I'll look at that I just see a bicycle I asked her and my leg water is and that's I do two minutes and I go back to eating up talks. Perhaps some duck duck whose number that I am that was my thoughts of physical game to let them talk about a throw back.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Fitness class incorporates old-school games such as dodgeball and capture-the-flag into a high-energy workout. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33351744","title":"Workout Routine Inspired by Childhood Gym Class ","url":"/WNN/video/workout-routine-inspired-childhood-gym-class-33351744"}