World News Now in 2012: A Year of Laughs

The funniest moments courtesy of Rob, Paula and others.
3:00 | 12/31/12

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Transcript for World News Now in 2012: A Year of Laughs
The saints fans need. OK. Paying these. Okay. Credit just have to get them enacted on an understatement to say that we enjoy ourselves on the show. Yeah that's right we did some pretty ridiculous things that mission that we typically regret in hindsight satellite out take -- last -- to run again yes. Exactly some of our most embarrassing -- -- up 22. Joining us are permanent permanent permanent. Her limited new anchor world news now settled out yes rob -- on its -- -- on the -- because your from the great city of Chicago music like Oprah everybody welcome all -- From ABC news this as a special twentieth birthday edition of world news. His lovely news news -- -- -- where smoking sleeping. -- -- -- -- -- Hours before moving -- Joseph -- -- my president has -- extinct. Hot hot hot today -- -- mark. National something -- -- -- there anything you want -- a sick I got model popsicle presumptive positive want to -- -- corn dogs let's put that he might not just. -- -- no just the tip. Aren't sure. What a mother do -- -- didn't. That -- workers flat it's just me -- better me. At night I'm pretty particular about my -- yeah. Larry I've heard that. Let me see this you just shake the thought a little bit and she went right to give -- -- -- their pets. A little bit -- and it's. He had to get I know what that's -- I -- stop breast -- -- No first -- six no really. Dylan Diana come earlier unaudited. I want all the young people try to get into the media when -- -- June. What we're near the world -- now internship program. This is not doesn't I think that's a good. In she's done although it took some time it wasn't worth the wait to see this little squirrel -- action. Fact that -- Wasn't but the mountain. That was spectacular. Reading of the pretty you know -- One final note to the New Jersey -- Eventual -- and throw the ball well and making threatening phone calls to people name's sandy and you're. Fire -- New England interpret yeah about predicting -- actually didn't do voters really hadn't taken this it's odd duck under and are closer to should've been -- different group. -- -- -- -- Like maybe the value of the network -- You know what -- yeah. Yeah. This from Thomas I wanna see you not do this impression. Because I don't remember dornin gentleness and on the -- -- -- -- -- The story there is set to with the -- of registering no -- favorite. Crazy crazy like much of substance Conrad didn't give this woman I even get my been my wife -- -- my -- Who are -- LO quotas housing that we'll get to them how bad -- then we'll tell older -- licking his lips through rules that my house and. Hello I'm gonna Obama an enemy -- was apparently suffering from low blood blood sugar but she is. Fine now but we are part he just kind of kept talking despite. You know. -- Pass -- crazy Marty now that she would you know push me -- -- about it and economically. Let's put that -- -- -- for the job of getting in Tulsa and Paul others -- I don't you added to -- I'll -- got new legs they're assured them for a lot of people -- yeah. But they think -- brought up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are excited to see -- always to one -- I'm excited we'll. After half cup. We have so much fun you're totally absolutely. Com home. Reported as a battle this. -- -- -- There's been -- It would have still sixty. But -- you -- a good man. -- -- -- Rotten. I have another title for that segment. Nearly a stable I was lets you know what a lot. Going on first -- -- -- -- -- and know. Not know what -- ever. -- -- -- --

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{"id":18100164,"title":"World News Now in 2012: A Year of Laughs","duration":"3:00","description":"The funniest moments courtesy of Rob, Paula and others.","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-2012-year-laughs-18100164","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}