Cider Week In America

ABC's Bethany Owings looks into the many benefits of apples.
4:16 | 10/24/14

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Transcript for Cider Week In America
I haven't done this yet you think you gonna take us solve this time of year apple picking the top of the weekend to do as thousands of Allen's venture into the gorgeous. Our orchids it's good to know that today starts national cider Wheaton. King thrown my favorites and it's one of the many benefits and apples and there's tiny war. That you might not know about Apple's ABC's been yelling has more. Apple's there's more to that symbolism PI. With more than seventy million tons produced so why isn't the most valuable fruits here in the US. You don't just keep the doctor away they peaked at least nine pound. The study published by students direct. Is promoting friendly Manchuria. Stabilizing and metabolism. And makes you feel molten. He may stimulate the right to report it in your system. That actually help state and apple com counselor and author of the animals among comics character who Jacobson says couples are coming back in the big away. And a second Golan a new apple people are paying a lot more attention to where they're feeds coming common they're looking bird. Interest in character and they're feeling Jacobson has profiled some 123. Apple heirloom we're seeing apples that are better than we've seen in decades. Introducing new Johnny Apple CE hard apple site couples were the favorites pickle and America copper about 200 years in the seventeen hundreds your best bet to get drunk. S and we're cannery is Karina for Apple's. Speaking of rediscovering were not the dike mint farm house in New York City barber gonna learn how to make Apple's site or come let's go. It's a little hard to walk you don't recommend coming in deal. Eight and 200 year old farmhouse glimpse into what Mike was light it's hard to think about them. Have fun doing those things don't seem to go together. But that would have been way of life threatening people he York was the premier producer of Snyder in the 18100 airs later I would have been over there they have had a fine and stable they were miles and miles of orchards here. He would. Roundly revolutionary war. Manhattan was occupied he. You can tying war by the British thing in the military but he. What we're doing here is we're crossing the apple for just in time for their real powerful message I'm asking Apple's. The results that is not good apple. I don't need our OK and heavier ball rolls around and you travel conditions and it's just really nice touchdown. Its. Credit helps in the rhythms and life. And a recent scientific study found that in addition to all those health benefits apple are also an aphrodisiac. Participants are consumed to Warner to Apple's each day had increased sexual satisfaction. The researchers linked the antioxidants to increase blood flow and well you got. Together their hats. I'm they say keeps the doctor away but there are a lot of benefit and an excited we're looking at you people is only certain time of year people think bouquets Apple's if outages during the holidays. Leno usually Thanksgiving I might that mean serving couples later might you know. There are others making income a comeback like the hearts lighter. Because of the very crafted a people who bring me is a very high levels you know you have everything from your dry insider like a fine wine you know. To your your mortgage heart Snyder hit Al. Something sweet and yelled this one's made from an apple code red field which is a very rare app also lets these apples are coming from. You know from apple let we haven't heard or seen in a very long time and this isn't she. If you're gonna have his and you you have an option but I'm sure all your family will looking for Q yeah. Yeah and twist. Besides a white lettering reading it here. And it's one Fuller 2014 MEU. So. If you're thinking for there's somebody you recollect we didn't well burglary of the season signal is all about Apple's the only thing I thought I was him I'd always colored a lot of apples in this thank you so look I'm not closing with hitting theaters this weekend thank you news.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"ABC's Bethany Owings looks into the many benefits of apples.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26419730","title":"Cider Week In America","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-cider-week-america-26419730"}