One Direction Reportedly Taking a Break In 2016

The group will reportedly take an indefinite hiatus starting in March.
3:46 | 08/24/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for One Direction Reportedly Taking a Break In 2016
At first got for the skinny we got dishes out. Uncertain future of one directs the boy band has taken over the world but now the going to be taking an extended break. Starting in March the Forman lineup of Lee M Harry and Louis. Here's origami that Neil. Kyle yeah. Cover blown up. I'm not I'm not definite hiatus. Giving them time to work on solo projects something that the former. Fifth members Zain left earlier in the year to do but sources for the band insist that this is not a break up. It does mean though that one dean will not be going after the release that the album later this year at an album and a tour right. Men from the boys there on tour right now which is where you can see scenes like this. In Toronto to get out as the very style taking a spill there are doing is putting what the here's putting his guard for some sort of move there. For what our engineers were streaking at the sight of him possibly hurting himself the direction here. I didn't realize that was the term I was just told but sixty seconds ago that's of the golf and that your feels no direct Clinton OK wouldn't do that. Turning out a rapper wiz Khalifa was apparently restrained he says for using a hover board. And he says he's been writing if you has been riding high after the success of his hit song from. Here is seven but even though he wasn't street racing. Still got in trouble for his right. But this was the Delorean not available at the time the driver was crowned early not Marty diseased NN video posted online likely sideshows is apparent detention by customs officials. At LAX airport into the ground handcuffed. For allegedly refusing to get off this report. No arrests appears to have been made but the rapper took to social media to explain what happened saying quote all because they didn't wanna ditch the technology everyone's going to be using an exodus marks. Christmas is only four months away who is predicting this season's must have holiday. Although roll back could be a good point is made he'll have his own set of pop reports we'll see if she if he is an investor in this than we know what. This was little. I didn't. Macon sentence but summer Taylor continues to roll longest T swift is yet another accolade this weekend. NBA great Kobe Bryant some nice Taylor at the Staples Center. With a banner as she is how the performer with an old sold out dates at the LA every I'd. Did cry when Shaq and Kobe broke up that Israel accepts or did that was widget that's precisely that numbers present that a number of championships at the lakers have. When you're in the upper Echelon of greatness you can easily turned out over two million dollars to perform at a billionaire's wedding. That billionaire it's unknown what we do know that Taylor. She instead decided to perform at the christening. Of her friend's baby. Model and actress Jamie king Taylor is actually the child's godmother. So again she kind of had been there she did she hide it's always nice to say you know that time I gave up two. Million dollars to go hang up your right debate will never remember that that remember that. Give up front and great friend. Finally a shocker at last night WE super slam summer slam in Brooklyn opened called. It was the highly anticipated title of the match it was between John Tina and Seth won't. The two went mad and arraigned at wearing each other down when all the sudden the now former host and should carry as Jon Stewart have. But that riding in with a chance at what they say he's really going to hit Rollins due distorts history with the wrestler but instead he sectors seen out ensuring a victory. Are probably hitting on ladies Bill O'Reilly the outcome of the match stinging even more this weekend seen it was honored for granting 500 wishes to children. That's the most for any celebrity in the great make a wish Foundation's history Hewitt at The Daily Show and now he's a bad guy and.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"The group will reportedly take an indefinite hiatus starting in March.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33273457","title":"One Direction Reportedly Taking a Break In 2016","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-direction-reportedly-taking-break-2016-33273457"}